Alternative to Using Spray Guns

paint a car with spray cansThere are many mechanics and home DIY mechanics that would love to attempt to do their own auto body repairs or even complete paint jobs. One of the things that quite often sets this attempt back is not having an air compressor or auto body equipment.

It may just not be feasible or worth the expense of air equipment for some small panel repair. I personally wouldn’t recommend trying to paint a car without an air compressor but it can be done. However not to worry, if you do not have all the equipment but want to make a repair. There is an alternative.

Spray can technology has come a long way and now you can get the exact paint match in spray cans. Even better are the aerosol clear coats are now in a 2K urethane which 2K means they are an activated clear, just like professionals use in body shops. So you can get the exact base coat color match and clear it without a spray gun.


RodsShop uses one of the Best paint manufacturers in the world, “Cromax”. They have the best paint matching systems than anyone. You can always CONTACT ME with your year, make, model, paint code and VIN number and I can have your paint mixed and packaged in a spray can.

The majority of vehicles made in the world can have the paint identified by the VIN number starting in 2000, however there are a few years earlier that give this information as well. It is always best to use the VIN number and the paint code together if you can because of alternates.

Most people are not aware  but a paint code will not always give you shade alternates, by using the VIN number will identify any alternates and give you an exact match. Fill out the form below to get your quote.

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