CV Boots and Shafts

Qbace CV Joint Banding Tool And Cutter

CV Clamp Banding Tool Features: The perfect set for fast and simple tensioning and securing of CV boot banding strap. CV boot clamp installer With a built in cutter and winding mechanism the banding can be tightened and cut quickly and effectively. This tool is essential for fixing CV boots CV joint boot clamp plier set Heavy-duty pliers with steel jaws and formed handles for extra comfort in use. Suitable for ear-type hose clips found on fuel, cooling system and vacuum hoses. Can also be used for securing late model GM CVJ boot clamps. Crimps and flattens clamps on ear type CV joint boot clamps. Specifications Heavy Duty Comfortable double dipped handles Hardened steel CV boot clamp installer To be used with any banding up to 10mm in width CV Boot & Hose Clamp Pliers Ear Type Crimps and flattens clamps on ear type CV joint boot clamps For installing CV Clamps Standard banding tool for CV Joint Boots Instructions 1. Wrap free-end Clamps 3/8 inch or 1/4 inch roll band and clip around boot. Theread the band throught the nose of the tool and through the winding mandrel slot. 2. Place a 1/2 inch ratchet wrench on the winding mandrel and turn. When sufficient tension has been applied,rotate the tool over the boot, bending the band back onto the clip. 3.It applies tension and has a built-in cutter. 4. To complete clamping, fold down the remaining tail of the band into the clip and secure it by tapping down the ears of the clip. Note: for added strength, double-wrapped band is recomended.

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Huoqi 9PCS Hose Clamp Pliers Set, Swivel Jaw Flat Angled Pliers Tool Kit (Misc.)

Package Include:

1 x hose clamp pliers 

1 x swivel jaw spring wire clip pliers 

1 x swivel jaw band clip pliers 

1 x angled flat band hose clamp pliers 

1 x hose remover pliers 

1 x clic-r collar pliers 

1 x flat band hose clamp pliers 

1 x screwdriver 

1 x hose remover

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Gresdent Poly Strapping Tensioner & Cutter Manual Banding Strapping Tools for Polyester Polyproplyn 1/2″ – 3/4″ Strap (Misc.)


1)plastic strapping
2) strapping open seal or strapping self-lock buckle (no need for sealer)
3) strapping sealer or sealess sealer (no need for seals or buckles)


Differenct features:
1) polypropylene is an economical material designed for light to medium duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling
This product offers higher elongation at break but tends to have irrecoverable dead stretch with constant stress
polypropylene strapping will lose about 50% of the applied tension within one hour, and that this tension loss is accelerated with increases in ambient temperature.

2) polyester is one of the strongest plastic strapping products and are used as a viable alternative to steel strapping in some industries
Polyester provides excellent retained tension on rigid loads. Its excellent recovery properties help a load absorb impact without strap breakage.

Choose the appropriate strapping according to your needs


1. Squeeze the handle to lift the gripping jaw
2. Thread the free end of the strap through the back of the tool under the gripping jaw, leaving approximately 1″ of overhang front of the tool.
3. Wrap the strap around the load
4. Take the end of the strap still attaching to the coil and thread it through the cutter housing and the shaft slot
5. Swing the handle to tension the strap
6. Place seal on both straps and using the sealer to crimp
7. Squeeze the handle to cut the strap


Bundling items together for handling and shipment: newspapers, pipe, lumber, concrete block, etc.
Attaching items to pallets, skids, and crates
Reinforcing wooden boxes, crates, and corrugated boxes, such as gaylords
Holding bales of agricultural products or textiles
Securing coils of steel or paper

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Lisle 30800 CV Boot Clamp Pliers (Automotive)

For all ear-type clamps including GM FWD outboard CV joints. Designed for use with a torque wrench, as required for stainless steel bands.

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Knipex Tools 10 99 i220 8.75″ Ear Clamp Pliers (Tools & Home Improvement)

Suitable for simple and reliable clamping of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps. With carded packaging.

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Glarks 80Pcs 7-21mm 304 Stainless Steel Single Ear Stepless Hose Clamps with Pincers Kit

Product Type: High precision single ear stepless hose clamps with pincers Kit
Material: Single ear stepless hose clamps made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant
Feature: Edge polished smooth can avoid damage to the hose,narrowband design providing a more concentrated sealing pressure
Application: Products are used for rubber hose, plastic tubing, electrical cable, welding, and equipment hoses
Package: 80Pcs different size of hose clamps and pincers in a square paper box

Hose Clamp Listing:
6-7mm ——————– 10pcs
7-8.7mm —————— 15pcs
8.8-10.5mm ————– 15pcs
10.3-12.8 —————– 10pcs
12.8-15.3 —————– 10pcs
15.3-18.5 —————– 10pcs
17.8-21 ——————– 10pcs

A Pair of standard jaw pincers: Length: 25cm / 9.8”, Weight: 385g / 13.5oz

This product is professional single ear clamp pliers, made of high quality steel, adjust the position to the ear when used, clamping in one step, avoid the secondary pressure

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Uxcell a12081400ux0177 2 Pcs Stainless Steel Drive Shaft CV Boot Clamp Kit for Car (Pack of 2) (Misc.)

Made from aluminum to reduce inertia. The CNC motor shaft coupler provides an extremely tight grip without marring the shaft. The coupler also includes grub screws for shaft flats.

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TJ Longda 20 Pieces SS Adjustable Axle Drive Shaft CV Joint Boot Clamps 48mm and 120mm

Band width and thickness: 7mmx0.6mm. Strip length: 200mm and 400mm; size: 48mm and 120mm; range: up to 48mm and 120mm; bag quantity: 10 pieces 48mm and 10 pieces 120 mm. Total 20 pieces.

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OTC (7509) Inner CV Joint Puller (Automotive)

The OTC 7509 is the puller you need for constant velocity (CV) joint work on many Ford cars. It pulls CV joints on 1986-current Taurus/Sable. Also, it pulls other joints having hidden retaining rings. With the slide hammer, it will remove an axle assembly from the transaxle, expensive aluminum transmission cases or other components without causing damage. This is handy to have and easy to use.

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OTC (7508) 17-1/2″ Slide Hammer Extension (Automotive)

The OTC 7508, pry bars can damage expensive aluminum transmission cases, and attempting to do the job by pulling on the axis can damage the roller bearing inside the C.V. joint. With this puller, the axle assembly is popped out of the trans-axle without damage, thanks to the straight, even pull provided by the slide hammer.

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OTC (7507) CV Joint Fork Removing Adapter (Automotive)

The OTC 7507 is designed to be used with OTC slide hammer number 1155. It can also be used in conjunction with OTC extension number 7508 or both.

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OEMTOOLS 27058 Front Wheel Drive Axle Pulley Attachment (Tools & Home Improvement)

The OEM FWD Axle Pulley Adapter is designed to pull inner CV joints with hidden retaining rings from front wheel drive vehicles without damaging joints. Use with OEM 27033 slide hammer or any manufacturer’s slide hammer with 5/8” x 18 threads. Designed for professional auto mechanics and heavy duty applications.

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OEMTOOLS 27305 Axle Popper Kit (Fork and Shim) (Automotive)

The OEMTOOLS axle popper kit is used for breaking loose half shafts from the transaxle on front wheel drive vehicles quickly and accurately. Its wedge forked end applies even pressure to both sides of the shaft for sure release of the shaft.

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OTC 6541 Slide Hammer Pulling Hook (Automotive)

This slide hammer puller attachment is used to remove seals bearings and other press-fit parts. Designed to be used with OTC No. 1155 (5 lb.) or No. 1156 (2-1/2 lb.) slide hammer or other slide hammers having 5/8-18 threads.

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Supercrazy Car CV Joint Drive Shaft Assembly Removal Puller Tool SF0107

【Easy to Operate】Universal 9 holes propshaft separator tool & CV joint puller. It can be use for removing the automobile drive shaft more easier and faster.

【Saving Time】Designed to saves on labor time, Multiple holes allow adjustment to different lengths of joint assemblies.

【Material】Made of high quality galvanized metal iron material, sturdy and durable. Professional tools with rational design, save time and effort, will not damage the car.

【Widely Use】The joint puller is fully adjustable and is suitable for most cars.

【Shipping】This item will ship from USA ,delivery time need about 4-7 days.

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PMD Products Universal Pneumatic CV Joint Boot Spreader Expander Install Installation Tool

Professional quality pneumatic CV joint boot removal/installation tool. Designed to allow removal/fitting of CVJ boots without removing the driveshaft from the vehicle. By adjusting the air control switch the expanding arms stretch the boot to the size required. Can save up to 70% labour time and help prevent damage to the CV joint. High quality composite body. Suitable for use with standard workshop air supply. Tool can be removed from the air line and retain pressure (arms open) until the release button is pressed. Suitable for use on cars and light commercial vehicles. Supplied complete as shown.
NOTE: These CV boot style tools are designed to be used with the elastomeric replacement boots that allow stretching. Most stock boots will not stretch using these style CV boot expanders. They need to be used with the elastomeric replacement boots that are meant to be stretched. Always lubricate the CV Joint boot before using this tool.

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OTC (1155) Basic Slide Hammer Unit – 5 lbs. Hammer (Automotive)

The OTC 1155 slide hammer unit is 24″ long with a 5 lb. hammer, and a 5/8″-18 threaded end. May be used with an OTC internal pulling attachment, or with internal or external-internal threaded adapters.

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Red Line 80401 CV-2 Grease, 14 Ounce Jar, 1 Pack (Automotive)

Red Line Oils 80401 CV-2 Synthetic Grease with Moly, 14 OZ. Jar Red Line’s CV-2 Synthetic Grease is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures which occur in high-performance wheel bearings and CV-joints. The excellent high-temperature stability, extreme- pressure protection, and water resistance enables it to out-perform even the best conventional or synthetic greases. Red Line CV-2 Grease can be used in a wide range of applications at temperatures ranging between -100°F to 500°F and provides good oxidation and corrosion resistance, low evaporation and oil separation, and has a minimum effect on rubber seals. It possesses a very high melting point, excellent water washout resistance and superior antiwear which makes it excellent for high temperatures and extreme loads. CV-2 contains an organic moly and is for wheel bearings, high angle and conventional CV joints, chass

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Dorman 614-066 CV Joint Grease (Automotive)

Fortified with anti-wear agent Molybdenum Disulfide, Dorman’s CV Joint Grease features excellent mechanical stability. It’s compatibility with other grease makes it suitable for use on wheel bearings, ball joints, U-joints, hinged parts, cables, chassis parts and other general automotive applications.

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