In this video I am showing issues and troubles you can get into when cutting out a section of rear quarter panel and installing a patch panel. This 1970 Plymouth Duster had previous body work or should I say bad body work. An excessive amount of Bondo body filler was used when the metal should have been worked out more and you will see a very unprofessional way of filling in rust holes to build a quarter panel out of Bondo.

If you already own a Mig Welder and some of the tools mentioned in the video, the cost of welding in a patch panel will vary on the price of the patch panel. In this case the patch panel was approximately $150. You shouldn’t need anymore than a quart of short strand fiberglass and a quart of lightweight body filler. Then you have glazing putty, primers and then paint. I would guess on average for a job like this one, minus the bad previous body work, you would spend no more than $450 to do the repair yourself provided you already have a welder and some of the tools. I will add some tools you may need below..


Tools You May Need:


Cut Ooff ToolCraftsman Cut Off Tool






Air Punch Flange ToolAir Punch Flange Tool









Hobart Handler 140 Wire Feeder Welder PackageWire Feed Welder

With Mig Welding you can use Flux Core Wire, which means you don’t need gas but for the best results, purchase and hookup gas. I personally use 25% CO2 75% Argon shield gas.







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