Replace an Exterior Door Handle on Many of the Newer Cars like Hyundai and Kia



A lot of the newer car designs have actually made removing or replacing, depending on your need, the exterior door handles. Look for an access plug inside the door jam area for a little access plug, usually round. Remove this plug and you will find one bolt or screw that locks the key lock cylinder in place. Once the bolt is removed, the key lock cylinder will pull straight out and the door handle will slide back and come off. I did a video on how to replace an exterior door handle on a 2013 Hyundai Genesis but this method will apply to many cars today.



In this video I ran into an issue replacing the door handle to where the handle wouldn’t slide back in correctly. I had found that the door was bent in slightly where the front part of the door handle went in. I repaired this bend very easily with a small light weight puller. I have used this puller for many things such as small engine repairs when pulling bushings or bearing or automatic transmission and recently I used it to repair the cowling grill on a 1970 Plymouth Duster. A tree had fallen on the car crushing in the cowling grill. With some time a patients, I pulled them all back into place. I got my puller from Harbor Freight Tools for about $20, here is the link if your interested.

Slide Hammer and Puller Set 14 Pc




Slide Hammer and Puller Set 14 Pc

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