Get Help HereRodsShop offers consulting for the “Do-It-Yourselfer” on a variety of automotive issues to help in today’s economy. Collision repair has always been one of my passions but I also like doing other things to improve a car’s look, as well as doing things to get a car running like factory or above. So drop me a line and tell me your story, dream, ideas or situation and let me see if I can help or make it happen.

With the way the economy has become, splurging on extra isn’t as easy, so many of us just live with situations we don’t particularly care for to be practical and out of necessity. I use many vendors to get both the best prices and the highest quality thus passing the savings onto you and providing you with products that I can stand behind. Currently I am offering a consultant service, you can contact me through my Contact page. You will find I am cheaper than the majority of these Automotive Online Help services and I do not give stupid advice as many of said services do. I also can visit your project on site if you are local or close to the Knoxville area, drop me a line about it and we can discuss. I provide a common sense approach and I listen to what my customers are telling me. Tell me your issue, provide pictures if you have them, I will get back to you and let you know how much and or if I can help. I have always grew up believing you take care of your customers and they will take care of you.


Collision Repair


RodsShop has repaired most type of collision damages. Quite often front end damage is more than a bumper or hood replacement. In some cases inner structures like radiator supports, bumper support and frames are bent and need straightening or replaced. I always liked to make wrecks look like it never happened on the outside and what isn’t seen. I have many vendors and suppliers I’ve used, new OEM and new Aftermarket body parts if you need parts.


Auto Body/Fender Repair

Paint and Body 01

I see many cars running around with the paint or the clear coat fading as well as many cars with different color body parts from Do-It-Yourselfers trying to save as much money as they can. Most Paint and Body Shops want a pretty penny to repaint or blend paint a car. Then there are the Budget Paint Shops that will slap you on a low grade paint job complete with runs, dirt and fish-eyes in the paint, not to mention the paint over-spray everywhere really making the car look worse than it did. RodsShop wants to help anyone trying to do it on their own and guide them into the affordable way and the right way.

I have always used a select brand paints and systems because I am very familiar and fluent with them and can get you a peak look with all of them. My favorite product is Dupont and the Dupont Generics. Dupont now known as Cromax is going to be a higher priced paint but you will never beat the results. Many cars today are painted with pearl flakes and I have found Cromax has the best stabilizing agents in their paint. This means that not only pearl flakes but metal flakes automatically spread themselves apart evenly, which means you have no spot in the finish looking blotchy or heavy or light in shading. Also Cromax has the best matching system out of all the other paint industries, so this makes blending very easy and the job superb. I use other brands that are cheaper but very good and durable paints. Kirker is one that has been around almost since cars started being made. The quality is very good and the cost is very affordable. Limco is another affordable automotive paint that you can get great results with.

When it comes to damaged or rusted sheet metal, I believe in repairing the metal, not masking it with body fillers. Today’s body fillers are awesome compared to Bondo from 15 or more years ago but there is still a time and a way to use them. I prefer to cut rusted areas out and weld in body panel grade metal in it’s place. I have used many tools and know the tricks for getting dents out, sometimes can remove dents that doesn’t require repainting. For bare metal, I always treat it and use an etching primer for rust prevention. For replaceable parts, Pull-A-Part salvage yard has fenders, doors, hoods and bumpers for next to nothing in cost. When you figure in someone’s time to slap in body filler and work it for hours on end or just unbolt and replace a body part, you save immensely plus get a much higher quality job. My experience can help so another reason to contact me.

I always have given my paint jobs some type of rubbing and buffing after being sprayed to give it the high luster and deep look as well as put the factory look if not better back into it. I have a process where I color sand the paint and then use a three part buffing system that leaves no buffing swirls. If you would like to know more on how to get that look, contact me.


Custom Work

Custom Work001I used to build Street-Rods, Vintage Cars or Classic Cars, so if you are starting or have a current project like this and want advice, drop me a line. I have a successful history building custom cars so my knowledge could be valuable to someone starting off on a custom adventure. I have been painting and installing aftermarket ground effect packages and modifying bumpers/spoilers for sometime, have a question, let me know.



Interior001I have done work on minor interior repairs, such as trim that is damaged and needs replaced, or repainted. Cromax has an incredible plastic and trim system for prepping, paint matching and painting trim. I have also done electric/non-electric window and door lock repairs.


General Mechanics

Misc001RodsShop has over 40 years experience with all types of cars, the old ones and the new ones. Does your car have a check engine light on or do you know the code and just not sure what the next step is? Does your car feel like the tires are going to shake off or got a squeak or a vibration you are just not sure where to start looking to eliminate this problem? Contact Me



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