dash03Every dashboard seems to have an abundance of warning lights, little icons you are suppose to know what they mean. Usually you can look them up in your owner’s manual but often if you bought the car used, it is missing the manual and even if you have the manual, you kind of have to have an idea what to look up. Your owners manual usually doesn’t have a page with all the icons of the warning lights as an index to give you a start. Below I have provided images of the warning lights, each one is a link to a description of what the light is and what it means. As always, if you find one I do not have listed, contact me and let me know so I can add it.


abs01 abs02 Brake Fluid Level01 Brake Hydraulic System01 Brake Hydraulic System02
Charging System01 Charging System02 Charging System03 Charging System04 Check Engine01
Check Engine02 Check Engine03 Check Engine04 Check Engine05 Check Engine06
Engine Temperature01 GM Passlock Security Light Issues01 GM Passlock Security Light Issues02 Low Coolant Level01 Low Coolant Level02
Low Oil Level01 Low Oil Pressure01 Oil Change Indicator01 Oil Change Indicator02 Service Vehicle Soon01
Parking Brake01 Supplemental Restraint System SRS01 Throttle Control01 Throttle Control02 Tire Pressure01
Traction Control01 Traction Control02 Traction Control03 Click Here For More Warning Lights

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