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This page will allow you to access any current project you have going with RodsShop. Just click on the Green Project Icon below to prompt you for your login, there you will be taken to our project we are working on together…



The Purpose of using the Project Management tool is to benefit both the customer and RodsShop. Together we can come up with what you need done and the time frame in which you wish for the job to be completed. We start by creating the project, then set a milestone, task and the to-do list under each task. This allows monitoring the progress of seeing how much is being completed in each task. Pictures or files can be attached by both the customer and RodsShop. Let’s say RodsShop put a new bumper and fender on your car after having frame work done. RodsShop can mark that task completed and make comments with pictures. The customer will get an email about this comment and can view the pictures at this point. This keeps the customer informed with notifications and visually, thus saving the customer a trip to the shop to check on the progress. This tool helps RodsShop by creating a checklist to be marked off as things get done. With this tool, RodsShop can assign a task to the customer, for example if the customer had planned on ordering a performance part for the engine, RodsShop can assign that task to the customer as a reminder, plus it will show in the activity log if waiting on a part is a holding point.

RodsShop will set you up login credentials, you will receive them through your email. You will only see your project once you log in. Once you click on your project, you will see an activity log of threads. You can click on hyperlinks in the thread to take you to the to-do list or comments and pictures.  See the screen shots below to help you get a better understanding.



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Features of RodsShop Project Management Tool

  • Projects
    • Create a new project
    • Set title and details of that project
    • Assign users for that project
  • Messages
    • Messages are used for discussing about the project
    • You can add attachments on messages
    • Comments can be made for discussion
  • To-do List
    • Add as many to-do list as you want with title and description
    • Add tasks, assign users, assign due date
    • See progressbar on the list
    • Add comments on individual to-do lists and to-do’s
    • Mark to-do as complete/incomplete
  • Milestone
    • Create milestone
    • Assign messages and to-do list on milestone
    • 3 types of milestones are there, a) upcoming, b) completed and c) late milstone
  • Files
    • See all the uploaded files on messages and comments in one place and navigate to individual attached threads.


Will be adding a demo video very soon!!

Screen Shots


New MessageTo-Do ListMilestone 




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