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Over the past 30 years, the newer technologies are making automotive solutions a little more difficult for the “DIY Home Mechanic”. However there are still things that can be done by "DIY - Home Mechanic" and or a "DIY Auto Body Guy". RodsShop is here to offer modern day automotive solutions to make vehicle repairs easier and cheaper. 

There can be big savings in automotive repairs in both mechanics and auto body by doing them yourself, the question is "How To" do them? 

How to fix my own car you ask? Truthfully anyone can fix their own car if given the right information and instructions. RodsShop is dedicated to providing those "How to fix my own car" answers. 

What MY Customers Are Saying

Rodney has built many show cars for me and has fixed all my personal cars and vans, mechanically and auto body and there isn't any body that can beat the quality of work and the prices. He has helped me make some good money on show cars and antiques. He can paint anything and he has a high attention to details.

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Wayne Ballinger

I was very happy with the job RodsShop did. The bumper was dented and had popped off on one side. RodsShop did the job for $150 less than anyone else but what helped me out was RodsShop worked with my schedule of going out of town and got the job done quickly. Looks just like it did when I bought the car.

rodsshop testimonial review

Jean Vance

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How To's

Discover these "How To" methods for the DIYer

With over 40 years of automotive experience, RodsShop is sharing that information for free. There are many sites that charge for those seeking answers when running into automotive issues. This "How To" section is full of project cars, general repairs and auto body information. So your question may be, " How to fix my own car"? My answer is to look into this section. 

Of course there is never going to be every answer for every specific vehicle or situation. That is why there is a Contact Form, use it and let me know what you are working on so I can help you find the answer. There is no catch except the problems I can help solve, get posted here so that it will help others. Every situation on RodsShop are from actual customer's vehicles. 

The How To Section provides supporting information, specifications and tools required, plus videos


One of the biggest obstacles when working on your own car or truck is "Tools and Supplies".

Tools and Supplies are the heart of doing any type of automotive work. The issue is knowing what tools and supplies are available for the kind of job you're doing.

Find out what kind of specialty tools and unique supplies you may need for your project. All tools and supplies are categorized by general tools, auto body, welding and "How To" manuals and information.

If you're not sure, please contact me and and tell me the details so I can help guide you.