Ford F150 Speed SensorThis is a quick how to on changing out the ABS Speed Sensor on a Ford F-150 XLT Pickup Truck. This will cover 1997 to 2003 F-150 Trucks. The ABS Speed Sensor is located on the rear axle, on top the differential housing. In this how to, symptoms of an ABS Speed Sensor are discussed as well.

Even though this information is for the years of 1997 to 2003, the symptoms and diagnostics can apply for years before and after.

Output Shaft Speed Sensor Code P0720 or P1039 or a Vehicle Speed Sensor Code C1751 or C1752, this will be located at the end of the transmission and is normally the sensor for the speedometer and is correctly called the Vehicle Speed Sensor. (VSS). This sensor is not only used for the speedometer to display your speed but also for the computer to operate with the engine performance and proper shifting.

C1230 is the code for the rear ABS wheel speed sensor, if you have an ABS speed sensor issue on one of the front wheels, you will get a different code, please refer to the ODBII C Code Chart. This chart is huge so you may scroll quite a bit or use ctrl F for Find if you know your code.

Code Chart Clip









If you want a PDF copy of these codes, click on the button, it will open this list in a PDF, go to file and click on “Save Page As” or press Ctrl+S and save this PDF to your computer

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