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Ask a Mechanic For FREE!!!

ask a mechanic for free

Have an automotive issue or just plain stuck in the middle of your repair and needs help? Now you can ask a mechanic for free. That's right I said for FREE!

I know what it is like to have a mystery issue and no one to ask or help. Or, be in the middle of a project and get stuck. You may just not know how to go about tackling a job and need advice to start it.

RodsShop isn't like the other "Online Ask A Mechanic" services. I am here to help; your first question is on the house, it is free. After that, I charge $12 for each question. In fact, I offer project rates as well, as I am compassionate towards anyone who tries to fix their own vehicles. In these times, money doesn't grow on trees and everyone needs help.

What Are My Rates?

I decided to start this "Ask a Mechanic Free" service to help my fellow automotive enthusiast.

  • Your first question is free
  • Additional questions are $12 each
  • If this is an on going issue or project that requires advice or a deeper look into, I will work out a very affordable single rate.

Contact me through the form below with your issue and question. I will research it along with my 45 years of automotive experience and get back to you with an answer.

For the additional questions, I only charge you the $12, if I come up with an answer that will help. If I can't figure out your issue, then I will not charge you.

What Can I Help With?

  • General Mechanics
  • Autobody
  • Engine Rebuilds/Repair
  • Transmissions
  • Electrical
  • Diagnostic Codes
  • Suspension/Alignment
  • Wheels and Tires

My goal is to help you, not rape your wallet. That is why I do not charge a monthly membership price like the other guys. I mean if you have just one issue to ask a mechanic, then why would you need the hassle of a monthly fee that you would have to cancel?

I will be completely transparent with you. In some cases, I may offer you a product which can help solve your issue. I have access to online shop manuals as well as all types of automotive courses. Of course this really depends on your issue or of you have a project.

Resources That Can Help

I am all about passing along information. If your issue is with a diagnostic ODBII code or have an dash light you are not sure what it means. Maybe you need other information you feel you can't find the answer to. Before you ask a mechanic, check out the information I provide...

Full List of OBDII Codes
Dashboard Lights Definitions
General Information
How To Videos

Payment for Ask a Mechanic

You will only pay if you are on your second question or you have a project. As mentioned, if I don’t feel I have come up with an answer, you will not be charged. Projects range from $20 and up, I am easy to work with…

ask a mechanic freeA payment request from PayPal will be sent to you via email if I have your answer. Everyone can pay through PayPal, even if you do not have an account. PayPal allows you to use your credit card without having an account with them. Once I receive your payment, I will email you your answer.

Contact Me

Contact me below, I am here to help. I get notified when I get a message. Which means that you will have a reply well within a 24 hour window.


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