Auto Body ​​​​Metal Works Tools

​​​Before using body fillers and primers, you have to get the metal all straightened out first. Sometimes this requires pulling things apart and preparing it to go back together, make sure you have the right auto body metal works tools...

​​​Auto Body Metal Works Tools

​​​Sheet metal on a car takes the brunt of all wear and tear on a vehicle. It gets heated and cooled all through the seasons. ​The metal takes all sorts of vibrations, collisions and corrosion. So when you get into auto body metal works, you often find that metal needs a lot of repair.

​​Often tops and quarter panels need to be cut out and removed and to some, this may sound like an impossible task. However with the right tools, it is really just another procedure. Sometimes you have to be creative and cut out your own sheet metal to make replacement panels. Having the right tools can make a hard task easy.

​​When it comes to panel replacements, there are a few methods on how to lay them back in. ​Strips can be made to weld on the edge of your openings to rest the new panel against. You can flange the edges of the opening to create the resting place. Or you can butt weld the panel in. Although one of the more popular ways of doing panel replacements these days, is to use auto body epoxy glues. No matter the method, you have to work the metal to prepare for what type of panel you are going to use.

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​​​Seam and Separating Tools

​Steck 20015 Seam Buster

​Steck Manufacturing 20016 Right Angle Seam Buster

​Blair Spotweld Cutter Kit

​Spotweld Cutter for 3/8 Inch Drill

​Malco Door Skin Removal Drill Attachment

​Pneumatic Door Skin Removal Tool

​Steck Manufacturing Skin Zipper Door Skinning Tool

​Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC

​Ingersoll Rand Chisels Air Hammer Bits

​IRWIN Drill Bit Set Cobalt 15-Piece

​Forney Tap Magic Industrial Pro Cutting Fluid 4 oz

8-Amp Corded 1/2in HD Variable Speed Reversible Drill

​8 Piece Butt Welding Clamps

Metal Cutting, Dressing and Manipulation

​Pneumatic Air Body Panel Flanger/Punch Tool

​Blair 13229 Flange Tool

​Metal Nibbler Cutter with Circle Cutting Drill Attachment Max 14ga

​Performance Air Nibbler Tool

​4 Amp Swivel Head Variable Speed Electric Metal Shear

​18 Gauge HD Electric Sheet Metal Shear Tin Snips Nibbler

​AIRCAT Compact Low Vibration Compact Air Saw

​​Reciprocating Saw 1–1/8” Stroke ​2500 RPM Variable Speed

​Cordless Reciprocating Variable Saw 0-3000 RPM w/Blades

​Reciprocating Saw Blade Metal Cutting 9in 5pk

​Flexible 14in Adjustable Body File Holder

​Ironton File Set - 17-Pc

​5pcs Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr Set 1/4in Shank Die Grinder Bits

​PORTER-CABLE PCE700 15 Amp Chop Saw 14in

​Fender Roller Wheel Arch Flaring Former

​Astro 209 ONYX Inline 3in Cut-Off Tool

​Astro 208 ONYX 3in Cut-Off Tool

​3in 3.5 Amp High Speed Corded Cut Off Tool

​3in Cut-off Wheels 54-Grit 10-Pack

​3Pc Seam Splitter Set Body Breaker Buster Straight Angled Kit

​Professional Equipment

Auto Body ​​​​Metal Works

​Box and Pan Brake with Foot Clamp — 40in

Auto Body ​​​​Metal Works

​Heavy-Duty English Wheel Kit — 28in

Auto Body ​​​​Metal Works

​Professional English Wheel — 45in

Auto Body ​​​​Metal Works

​16-Ton Air/Hydraulic Pipe Bender 3in Capacity

Auto Body ​​​​Metal Works

​Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw Kit 11 Amps

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Auto Body ​​​​Metal Works

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Auto Body ​​​​Metal Works

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