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automotive acronyms and abbreviations

In every profession there are terms you have to get to know. There is a large amount in automotive acronyms and abbreviations. Some you will remember and many you will have to look up every time. No matter your expertise, it would be hard to learn all of these. Some are used often and others are rarely used if at all. 

There are some automotive acronyms and abbreviations you should become familiar with. Some are used so much in the automotive industry that is spoken like a language. What acronyms will depend on the specific area of automotive you are in. General terms are like 4WD, ECM, ABS, however, if you only work with transmissions, you may only use term like ATF, AXOD, AOD, AODE and so forth.

Below is a full list of automotive acronyms and abbreviations as a guide if you ever need to know them. It is most common to use these when researching parts or buying parts. There are many, so this has been setup for quick access. You have a table of contents that can get you to the alphabetical range and each table has a search box.

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3GR thru AXOD-E

3GR3GR (Third Gear)
4GR4GR (Fourth Gear)
4WDFour wheel drive
4WSFour wheel steering
A/CAir Conditioning
A/CL BIMETAir Cleaner Bimetal Sensor
A/CL DVAir Cleaner Duct and Valve Vacuum Motor
A/DAnalogue to Digital Converter
A/FAir Fuel Ratio
A/TAutomatic Transmission
A4R70WAutomatic Overdrive Electronic Wide Ration Transmission
AACAuxiliary Air Control Valve
AATAmbient Air Temperature
AAVAnti After burn Valve
ABCVAirbleed Control Valve (Ford)
ABSAntilock Brake System
ABSVAir Bypass Solenoid Valve (Mazda)
ABVAir Bypass Valve
ACAlternating Current
ACCAir Conditioning Clutch
ACCAutomatic Climate Control
ACCSA/C Cycling Clutch Switch
ACDAir Conditioning Demand Switch
ACLAir Cleaner (Thermostatic Type)
ACMAir Bag Control Module
ACONAir Conditioning On Signal
ACPAir Conditioning Pressure Signal
ACPSWAir Conditioning Pressure Switch
ACRAir Conditioning Relay
ACR4Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
ACTAir Charge Temperature
ACTSAir Charge Temperature Sensor
ADSAuxiliary Discriminating Sensor
ACVAir Control Valve
ADUAnalog Digital Unit
AECMAir Bag Electronic Control Module
AFCAir Flow Control
AFMAir Flow Meter
AFRAir Fuel Ratio
AFSAir Flow Sensor
AIRAir Injection Reactor (Secondary Air Injection System)
AIRBSecondary Air Injection Bypass
AIRDSecondary Air Injection Diverter
AISAutomatic Idle Speed
AIVAir Injection Valve
ALCAutomatic Level Control
ALCLAssembly Line Communications Link (GM)
ALDLAssembly Line Data Link
ALTAlternator (replaced with GEN)
AM1Air Management 1, AIR Bypass
AM2Air Management 2, AIR Diverter
AODAutomatic Overdrive
AODEAutomatic Overdrive Electronic Transmission
AODE-WAutomatic Overdrive Electronic Wide (ratio transmission)
APAccelerator Pedal
APCAutomatic Performance Control
APPAccelerator Pedal Position
APSAbsolute Pressure Sensor
APSAtmospheric Pressure Sensor
APTAdjustable part Throttle
ARSAutomatic Restraint System
ASARCAir Suspension Automatic Ride Control
ASDAutomatic Shutdown Relay
ASDMAirbag System Diagnostic Module
ASEAutomotive Service Excellence
ASMAcceleration Simulation Mode
ASRAutomatic Slip Regulation
ATCAutomatic Temperature Control
ATDCAfter Top Dead Centre
ATFAutomatic Transmission Fluid
ATMActuator Test Mode
ATSAir Temperature Sensor
ATXAutomatic Transaxle
AVOMAnalog Volt / Ohm Meter
AWDAll Wheel Drive
AX4SAutomatic 4 Speed Trans.
AXODAutomatic Overdrive Transaxle
AXOD-EAutomatic Overdrive Transaxle - Electronically Controlled

B+ thru BVT

B+Battery Positive Voltage
BACBypass Air Control Valve
BAPBarometric Atmosphere Pressure
BAROBarometric Pressure
BBDCBefore bottom dead centre
BCBlower Control
BCMBody Control Module
BDCbottom dead centre
BHPBrake Horse Power
BHSBimetal Heat Sensor (Ford)
BIDBreaker less Inductive Discharge (AMC)
BLMBlock Learn Multiplier (replaced with LT FUEL TRIM)
BMAPBarometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
BOBBreakout Box
BOOBrake On / Off Switch
BPBarometric Pressure
BPAMechanical Bypass Air
BPCSVBypass Control Solenoid Valve
BPPBrake Pedal Position
BPSBack Pressure Sensor
BPTBack Pressure Transducer
BPVBypass Valve (Ford)
BPWBrake Pulse Width
BSVBackfire Suppressor (Ford)
BTDCBefore Top Dead Center
BTSBattery Temperature Sensor
BTSIBrake Transmission Shift Interlock
BTUBritish Thermal Unit
BUS NBus Negative
BUS PBus Positive
BVBowl Vent Port (Ford)
BVSVBi-Metal Vent Control Valve
BVTBackpressure Variable Transducer

C thru CVVT

C.A.R.B.California Air Resource Board
C3IComputer Controlled Coil Ignition
CACCAC (Charge Air Cooler) After Cooler Charge Air Cooler Inter Cooler
CALPAKCalibration Pack
CANController Area Network
CANPCanister Purge Solenoid Valve EVAP
CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board
CASCrank Angle Sensor
CASECranking Angle Sensing Error
CATCatalytic Converter
CBDClosed Bowl Distributor
CCCatalytic Converter
CCClimate Control
CCCruise Control
CCACentre Control Assembly
CCCComputer Command Control System (GM)
CCCConverter Clutch Control Solenoid
CCCIComputer Controlled Coil Ignition
CCDComputer Controlled Dwell
CCDICClimate Control Driver Information Centre
CCECSComputer Controlled Emission Control System
CCEICoolant Controlled Idle Enrichment (Chrysler)
CCEVCoolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch (Chrysler)
CCMCentral Control Module
CCMContinuous Component Monitor
CCOConverter Clutch Overdrive Solenoid
CCOTCycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCPClimate Control Panel
CCRMConstant Control Relay Module
CCRMConstant Control Relay Module
CCSCoast Clutch Solenoid
CCSPCarbon Canister Storage/Purge
CCVCanister Control Valve
CDCVCanister Drain Cut Valve
CDICapacitor Discharge Ignition
CDRChrysler Diagnostic Readout
CDRVCrankcase Depression Regulator Valve
CECommutate End
CEABCold Engine Air Bleed
CECCrankcase Emission Control System (Honda)
CECComputerized Emission Control System
CECUCentral Electronic Control Unit (Nissan)
CELCheck Engine Light
CERCold Enrichment Rod (Ford)
CESClutch Engage Switch
CESSCold Engine Sensor Switch
CFICentral Fuel Injection
CFIContinuous Fuel Injection
CFMCubic Feet Per Minute
CFRMCondenser Fan Relay Module
CFVCritical Flow Venture
CHMCold Mixture Heater
CIDCubic Inch Displacement
CIDCylinder Identification Signal
CIMColumn Integration Module
CISContinuous Injection System (Bosch)
CKPCrankshaft Position Sensor
CKP REFCrankshaft Position Reference
CLClosed Loop
CLCConverter Lockup Clutch (replaced with TCC)
CLCCClosed Loop Carburetor Control
CLECSClosed Loop Emission Control System
CLFCSClosed Loop Fuel Control System
CLVCalculated Load Value
CMFICentral Multiport Fuel Injection
CMPCamshaft Position Sensor
CMP REFCamshaft Position Reference
CMTCCompass/Mini Trip Computer
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
COCarbon Monoxide
CO2Carbon Dioxide
COCConventional Oxidation Catalyst (Ford)
COPCoil On Plug Electronic Ignition
CPCanister Purge (GM)
CPAConnector Position Assurance
CPICentral Port Fuel Injection
CPPClutch Pedal Position
CPSCentral Power Supply
CPSOVCanister Purge Shut Off Valve (Ford)
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CRKCranking Signal
CSCCoolant Spark Control (Ford)
CSE GNDPCM Case Ground
CSFCrankshaft Speed Fluctuation
CSFICentral Sequential Fuel Injection
CSSACold Start Spark Advance System (Ford)
CSSHCold Start Spark Hold System (Ford)
CTAVCold Temperature Actuated Vacuum Switch (Ford)
CTMCentral Timer Module
CTOClean Tachometer Output
CTOXContinuous Trap Oxidizer
CTPClosed Throttle Position
CTSCoolant Temperature Sensor
CTVSChoke Thermal Vacuum Switch
CVConstant Velocity
CVControl Valve
CVCCCompound Vortex Controlled Combustion System (Honda)
CVRControl Vacuum Regulator (Ford)
CVSConstant Volume Sampler
CVVTContinuous Variable Valve Timing


DABDelayed Accessory Bus
DCDirect Current
DCDuty Cycle
DCISCADC Motor Idle Speed Actuator
DCLData Communication Link
DDLDiagnostic Data Link
DECDigital Electronic Controller
DECDiesel Engine Control
DEFIDigital Electronic Fuel Injection
DEPSDigital Engine Position Sensor
DERMDiagnostic Energy Reserve Module
DFCODiesel Fuel Cut-off Mode
DFIDirect Fuel Injection
DFSDeceleration Fuel Shut-off
DIDirect Ignition
DICDriver Information Center
DICMDistributor Ignition Control Module
DISDistributorless Ignition System
DLCData Link Connector
DMDrive Motor
DMCMDrive Motor Control Module
DMCTDrive Motor Coolant Temperature
DMEDigital Motor Electronics
DMIVADistributor Mounted Ignition Vacuum Advance
DMPI ModuleDrive Motor Power Inverter Module
DMSDistributor Modulator System
DOHCDouble Overhead Camshaft
DOLData Output Line to IPC
DPCDynamic Pressure Control
DPFDiesel Particulate Filter
DPFEDifferential Pressure Feedback EGR
DPIDual Plug Ignition
DRBDiagnostic Readout Box
DRCVDistributor Retard Control Valve
DRLDaytime Running Lights
DSASDeceleration Spark Advance System
DSODigital Storage Oscilloscope
DSRFord Diagnostic Subroutine
DSSDownshift Solenoid
DSSADual Signal Spark Advance (Ford)
DSVDeceleration Solenoid Valve
DTCDiagnostic Trouble Code
DTC FRZDiagnostic Trouble Code Freeze Frame
DTMDiagnostic Test Mode
DTVSDual Temperature Vacuum Switch
DVDelay Valve
DVACDistributor Vacuum Advance Control Valve
DVDSVDifferential Vacuum Delay and Separator Valve
DVOMDigital Volt Ohmmeter
DVTW- Relay Valve Two Way
DVVVDistributor Vacuum Vent Valve


E2PROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
E4ODElectronic 4-Speed Overdrive
EACElectronic Air Control (replaced with AIR)
EACVElectronic Air Control Valve
EAIRElectronic Secondary Air Injection
EATElectronically Controlled Automatic Transaxle Or Transmission
EBCMElectronic Brake Control Module
EBLElectric Back Lite (Rear Window Defroster)
EBMElectronic Body Module
EBPExhaust Back :Pressure
EBTCMElectronic Brake T/C Module
ECEngine Control
ECAElectronic Control Assembly
ECCElectronic Climate Control
ECCSElectronic Concentrated Control System
ECIExtended Compressor at Idle
ECITElectronic Control Ignition Timing
ECITSElectronic Control Ignition Timing System
ECLEngine Coolant Level
ECMEngine Control Module
ECSEmission Control System
ECTEngine Coolant Temperature
ECUElectronic Control Unit
EDFElectro Drive Fan
EDFIElectronic Diesel Fuel Injection
EDIElectronic Controlled Direct Ignition System
EDISElectronic Distributorless Ignition System
EDLEngine Data Line
EDMElectronic Distributor Modulator (Ford)
EECElectronic Engine Control (Ford)
EECSEvaporative Emission Control System
EEGRElectronic EGR (Solenoid)
EEGR MonitorElectronic EGR Test
EEPROMElectronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EESSEvaporative Emission Shed System (Ford)
EETElectronic EGR Transducer
EEVIREvaporator Equalized Values in Receiver
EFCElectronic Fuel Control
EFCAElectronic Fuel Control Assembly
EFEEarly Fuel Evaporation
EFIElectronic Fuel Injection
EFTEngine Fuel Temperature
EFVEarly Fuel Evaporation
EGCExhaust Gas Check Valve
EGOExhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGRExhaust Gas Recirculation
EGR TVVExhaust Gas Recirculation Thermal Vacuum Valve
EGRBEGR Boost Sensor
EGRCEGR Control Solenoid (Ford)
EGRC-BPTEGR Control Back Pressure Transducer
EGRPSEGR Valve Position Sensor
EGRTExhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature
EGRVExhaust Gas Recirculation Vent Solenoid
EHElectro Hydraulic
EIIntegrated Electronic Ignition System
ELCElectronic Level Control
ELCDEvaporative Loss Control Device
EMEngine Modification
EMBElectromagnetic Brakes
EMFElectromagnetic Field
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
EMRElectronic Module Retard
EOBDEuropean On Board Diagnostics
EOPEngine Oil Pressure
EOSExhaust Oxygen Sensor
EOTEngine Oil Temperature
EPExhaust Pressure
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPCElectronic Pressure Control
EPOSEGR Valve Position Sensor
EPROMErasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPTEGR Pressure Transducer (replaced with PFE)
ESAElectronic Spark Advance (Chrysler)
ESCElectronic Spark Control System
ESDElectrostatic Discharge
ESSEngine Speed Sensor
ESTElectronic Spark Timing
ETCElectronic Temperature Control
ETPEGR Pressure Transducer
ETRElectronically Tuned Receiver
EVAPEvaporative Emissions System
EVAP CPEvaporative Canister Purge
EVAP CVEvaporative Emissions System Canister Vent
EVICElectronic Vehicle Information Center
EVOElectronic Vehicle Orifice
EVPEGR Valve Position Sensor
EVREGR Vacuum Regulator
EVSVElectronic Vacuum Switching Valve
EWLEngine Warning Lamp

F thru FWD

F4WDFull Time Four Wheel Drive
FANCooling Fan (Low or High Speed)
FBCFeedback Carburetor
FBCAFeedback Carburetor Actuator
FCFan Control
FCAFuel Control Assembly (Chrysler)
FCSFuel Control Solenoid
FDCFuel Deceleration Valve
FDVFuel Decal Valve
FEEPROMFlash Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
FFFlexible Fuel
FIFuel Injector
FICFast Idle Control
FICDFast Idle Control Device
FIPLFuel Injection Pump Lever
FLCFluid Lock-up Converter (Ford)
FLSFluid Level Sensor
FMFan Motor Program in PCM
FMEMFailure Mode Effect Management
FOMFix Operating Mode (Limp Mode)
FPFuel Pump
FPCMFuel Injection Pump Control Module
FPMFuel Pump Monitor (in PCM)
FPRCFuel Pump Regulator Control
FRPFuel Rail Pressure
FRTFuel Rail Temperature
FRZFreeze Frame
FTFuel Trim; Adaptive Fuel Strategy
FT-LBFoot Pound
FTLFuel Tank Level Sensor
FTOFiltered Tachometer Output
FTPFuel Tank Pressure
FTTFuel Tank Temperature
FWDFront Wheel Drive


G/SECGrams per Second
GCMGovernor Control Module
GCWGross Combination Weight
GDCFuel Data Centre
GDIGasoline Direct Injection
GEMGeneric Electronic Module
GNDElectrical Ground Connection
GPCGlow Plug Control
GPLGlow Plug Wait Lamp
GPMGrams Per Mile
GPRGlow Plug Relay
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSTGeneric Scan Tool
GVWGross Vehicle Weight
GVWRGross Vehicle Weight Rating

H thru Hz

H/CMPRHigh Compression
HACHigh Altitude Compensator
HAISHeated Air Intake System (Chrysler)
HBVHeater Blower Voltage
HCDSHigh Clutch Drum Speed
HCVExhaust Heat Control Valve (Ford)
HDHeavy Duty
HDCHeavy Duty Cooling
HDRCKP - High Data Rate CKP Sensor
HEHall Effect
HEDFHigh Electro Drive Fan
HEGOHeated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
HEIHigh Energy Ignition
HFANHigh Speed Cooling Fan
HFCHigh (speed) Fan Control
HFMHot Film Air Mass Sensor
HFPHigh Fuel Pump (Relay) Control
HICHot - Idle Compensator (Ford)
HLOSHardware Limited Operation System
HOHigh Output
HO2SHeated Oxygen Sensor
HO2S-1-1Bank One Sensor One Signal
HO2S-1-2Bank One Sensor Two Signal
HO2S-1-3Bank One Sensor Three Signal
HO2S-2-1Bank Two Sensor One Signal
HO2S-2-2Bank Two Sensor Two Signal
HPCHigh Pressure Cut off
HPLHigh Pressure Liquid
HPSHigh Performance System
HPVHigh Pressure Vapour
HSCHigh Swirl Combustion
HSIAHigh Speed Inlet Air Control
HTHigh Tension
HUDHeads Up Display
HVACHeater Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVACHeater Vent Air Conditioning
HVACMHeater Vent - Air Conditioning Module
HVSHigh Voltage Switch Ignition System

I/M thru IVV

I/MInspection and Maintenance
I/OInput / Output
I/PInstrument Panel
IAIntake Air
IACIdle Air Control (motor or solenoid)
IACVIdle Air Control Valve
IASInlet Air Solenoid (Ford)
IATIntake Air Temperature
IATSIntake Air Temperature Sensor
IBPIntegral Back Pressure
ICIgnition Control
ICMIgnition Control Module
ICPInjection Control Pressure
ICSIdle Control Solenoid
IDInside Diameter
IDIIntegrated Direct Ignition
IDLIdle Position Switch
IDMInjector Driver Module
IFIIndirect Fuel Injection
IFSInertia Fuel Switch
IGN ADVIgnition Advance
IGN GNDIgnition Ground
ILCIdle Load Compensator
ILEVInherently Low Emissions Vehicle
IMAIdle Mixture Adjuster
IMRCIntake Manifold Runner Control
IMSIgnition Module Signal
IMSInferred Mileage Sensor (Ford)
IMTIntake Manifold Timing
INTIntegrator (replaced with ST FUEL TRIM)
IODIgnition Current Off Draw
IPCInstrument Panel Cluster
IPRInjector Pressure Regulator
IRCMIntegrated Relay Control Module
ISAIdle Speed Actuator
ISCIdle Speed Control
ISOInternational Standard of Organization
ISSInput Shaft Speed
ISVIdle Stabilization Valve
ITAIgnition Timing Adjustment
ITCSIgnition Timing Control System (Honda)
ITSIdle Tracking Switch
IVSIdle Validation Switch
IVSCIntegrated Vehicle Speed Control
IVVIdle Vacuum Valve (Ford)

JAS thru LWB

JASJet Air System (Mitsubishi)
JSVJet Mixture Solenoid Valve
KAMKeep Alive Memory
KAPWRDirect Battery Power
KDKick down
KDLHKick down Low Hold
KOECKey On, Engine Cranking
KOEOKey On, Engine Off
KOERKey On, Engine Running
KOERKey On, Engine Running
KSKnock Sensor
KSMKnock Sensor Module
L4Four Cylinder Inline Engine
LAMBSEShort Term Fuel Trim
lb. ft.Pound Feet
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LDPLeak Detection Pump
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LEVLow Emissions Vehicle
LFANLow Speed Cooling Fan
LFCLow Fan Control
LFPLow Speed Fuel Pump Control
LHDLeft Hand Drive
LOADCalculated Load Value
LOCLight Off Catalyst
LONGFTLong Term Fuel Trim
LOOPEngine Operating Loop Status
LOSLimited Operating Strategy
LPGLiquid Petroleum Gas
LSSLinear Shift Solenoid
LTFTLong Term Fuel Trim
LTSLow Coolant Switch
LUSLock-Up Solenoid
LV8Load Variable
LVWLoaded Vehicle Weight
LWBLong Wheel Base

M/C thru NVRAM

M/CMixture Control
M/TManual Transmission
MAFMass Air Flow Sensor
MAPManifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
MASMixture Adjust Screw
MATManifold Air Temperature
MCMixture Control
MCSMixture Control Solenoid (GM)
MCTManifold Charge Temperature Sensor (Ford)
MCUMicroprocessor Control Unit (Ford)
MCVManifold Control Valve (Ford)
MDPManifold Differential Pressure
MEMCALMemory Calibration
MFIMultiport Fuel Injection
MICMechanical Instrument Cluster
MILMalfunction Indicator Lamp
MISARMicro processed Sensing and Automatic Regulation
MLPManual Lever Position
MLUSModulated Lock Up Solenoid or its Control Circuit (Ford)
MLVLPSManual Valve Lever Position
MPFIMulti-Port Fuel Injection
MPGMiles Per Gallon
MPHMiles Per Hour
MPIMulti Port Injection
MPVMulti Purpose Vehicle
MSFFMiles Since First Fail
MSLFMiles Since Last Fail
MSTManifold Surface Temperature
MTManual Transmission
MTVManifold Tune Valve
mVMill volts
MVLPSManual Valve Lever Position
MVZManifold Vacuum Zone
N.C.Normally Closed Position
N.O.Normally Open Position
N/MILA Code Set Without a MIL Request
N/VInput Shaft Speed to Vehicle Speed
NDIRNon Dispersive Infrared
NDSNeutral Drive Switch
NGSNeutral Gear Switch (Ford)
NGVNatural Gas Vehicles
NmNewton Meters
NOxOxides of Nitrogen
NTCNegative Temperature Coefficient
NVRAMNon Volatile Random Access Memory

O2 thru OVCV

O2SOxygen Sensor
OBDOnboard Diagnostics
OBD IOn Board Diagnostics Version I
OBD IIOn Board Diagnostics Version II
OBD STATOn Board Diagnostic System Status
OCOxidation Catalytic Converter
OCCOutput Circuit Check (Ford)
OCILOverdrive Cancel Indicator Lamp
OCSOverdrive Cancel Switch
OCT ADJOctane Adjust Fuel Switch
ODOutside Diameter
ODMOutput Device Monitor
ODSOverdrive Drum Speed
OEOriginal Equipment
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OHCOverhead Camshaft
OHVOver Head Valve
OLOpen Loop
ORCOxidation Reduction Converter
ORVROn Board Refueling Vapor Recovery
OSOxygen Sensor
OSACOrifice Spark Advance Control (Chrysler)
OSCOutput State Check (Ford)
OSMOutput State Monitor
OSSOutput Shaft Speed
OTISOverhead Travel Information System
OVCVOuter Vent Control Valve


RABSRear Antilock Brake System
RAMRandom Access Memory
RAPRetained Access Power
RDSRadio Data System
RECALCalibration Adjustment
REDOXReduction Oxidation Converter
REGTRecirculated Exhaust Gas Temperature
RFIRadio Frequency Interference
RHDRight Hand Drive
RKERemote Keyless Entry
RMRelay Module
ROMRead Only Memory
RONRated Octane Number
RPMRevolutions Per Minute
RPSRevolutions Per Second
RRSVariable Reluctance Sensor
RTDReal Time Dampening
RTNDedicated Sensor Ground Circuit
RTVRoom Temperature Vulcanizing
RVPReid Vapour Pressure
RWALRear Wheel Anti-Lock
RWDRear Wheel Drive

S4WD thru SWB

S4WDSelectable Four Wheel Drive
SAEViscosity Grade
SAFVSeparator Assembly Fuel/Vacuum
SAVMSpark Advance Vacuum Modulator
SAWSpark Angle Work
SBDSService Bay Diagnostic System
SBECSingle Board Engine Controller (replaced with PCM0
SBSBoost Solenoid (Ford)
SBTSerial Bus Traveler
SCSupercharged Engine
SCAPSilicone Capacitance Absolute Pressure Sensor (Ford)
SCBSupercharger Bypass
SCPStandard Corporate Protocol
SDMSensing Diagnostic Module
SDVSpark Delay Valve
SEFISequential Electronic Fuel Injection
SEOSpecial Equipment Option
SESService Engine Soon (replaced with MIL)
SFISequential Fuel Injection
SHEDSealed Housing Evaporative Determination System
SHOSuper High Output Engine
SHRT FTShort Term Fuel Trim
SIDSubsystem Identifier
SIG RTNSignal Return (sensor ground)
SILShift Indicator Lamp
SIPSSide Impact Protections System
SIRSupplemental Inflatable Restraint
SISSide Impact Sensor
SKIMSmart Key Immobilizer Module
SOHCSingle Over Head Camshaft
SPFISingle Point Fuel Injection (throttle body)
SPISerial Peripheral Interface
SPLSmoke Puff Limiter
SPOUTSpark Output Signal
SPSService Programming System
SRCSelective Ride Control
SRDVSpark Retard Delay Valve
SRIService Reminder Indicator
SRSSupplemental Restraint System (air bag)
SRTSystem Readiness Test
SSShift Solenoid
SSISolid State Ignition (Ford)
SSTSpecial Service Tool
STScan Tool
STARSelf Test Automatic Readout
STCSpark Timing Control
STFTShort Term Fuel Trim
STISelf Test Input
STOSelf Test Output
STSService Throttle System (lamp)
SULEVSuper Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle
SUSPSuspension System Module
SVOSpecial Vehicle Operations
SVTSpecial Vehicle Team
SVVSolenoid Vent Valve (Ford)
SWBShort Wheel Base

TA thru UCL

TATemperature Air (Honda)
TABThermactor Air Bypass Vacuum Solenoid Valve
TACThrottle Actuator Control
TADThermostat Air Diverter
TAPTransmission Adaptive Pressure
TAVTemperature Actuated Vacuum
TBThrottle Body
TBAThrottle Body Alignment
TBHThrottle Body Heater
TBIThrottle Body Fuel Injection
TCAThermostat Controlled Air Cleaner
TCATSTurbo Charge Air Temperature Sensor
TCCTorque Converter Clutch
TCCPTorque Converter Clutch Pressure
TCILTransmission Control Indicator Lamp
TCMTransmission Control Module
TCPTemperature Compensated Accelerator Pump (Ford)
TDTurbo Diesel
TDCTop Dead Center
TDITurbo Direct Injection
TEThermal Expansion
TFPThrottle Fluid Pressure
TFPTransmission Fluid Pressure
TFTTransmission Fluid Temperature
THMTurbo Hydra-Matic
TITransistorized Ignition System
TICThermal Ignition Control (Chrysler)
TIVThermactor Idle Vacuum Valve (Ford)
TKThrottle Kicker Actuator (Ford)
TKSThrottle Kicker Solenoid
TOTTransmission Oil Temperature
TPThrottle Position
TPCVTank Pressure Control Valve
TPITuned Port Injection
TPMTire Pressure Monitor
TPOUTThrottle Position Output
TPPThrottle Position Potentiometer
TPSThrottle Position Sensor
TPTThrottle Position Transducer (Chrysler)
TRTransmission Range Sensor
TRLHPTrack Road Load Horsepower
TSBTechnical Service Bulletin
TSPThrottle Solenoid Positioner (Ford)
TSSTurbine Speed Shaft Sensor
TVThrottle Valve
TVPThrottle Valve Potentiometer
TVSTemperature Vacuum Switch
TVVThermal Vacuum Valve
TWCThree Way Catalytic Converter
UCLUpper cylinder lubricant

V thru VVV

VAFVane Airflow Meter
VAFVolume Air Flow
VANOSDouble Variable Camshaft Control
VATVane Air Temperature Sensor
VATSVehicle Antitheft System
VBATVehicle (system) Battery Voltage
VCCViscous Converter Clutch
VCMVehicle Control Module
VCRMVariable Control Relay Module
VCTSVacuum Control Temperature Sensing Valve (Ford)
VCVVacuum Control Valve (Ford)
VDOTVariable Displacement Orifice Tube
VDVVacuum Delay Valve
VECIVehicle Emission Control Information Decal
VFDVacuum Fluorescent Display
VICVehicle Information Center
VICSVariable Inertia Charging System
VIMVehicle Interface Module
VINVehicle Identification Number
VISVariable Induction System
VITVehicle Interface Tool
VLCMVariable Load Control Module
VMVVacuum Modulator Valve
VMVVapor Management Valve (EVAP)
VNTVariable Nozzle Turbocharger
VOTMVacuum Operated Throttle Modulator (Ford)
VPWMVariable Pulse Width Modulated
VPWRIgnition Switched Power
VRVoltage Regulator
VR/SVacuum Regulator/Solenoid (Ford)
VRDVVacuum Retard Delay Valve (Ford)
VREFReference Voltage (from PCM)
VRESERVacuum Reservoir (Ford)
VRESTVacuum Restrictor (Ford)
VRISVariable Resonance Induction System
VRSVariable Reluctance Sensor
VRVVacuum Regulator Valve (Ford)
VSSVehicle Speed Sensor
VSTPVacuum Solenoid Throttle Plate
VVAVenturi Vacuum Amplifier (Ford)
VVCVariable Valve Control
VVTVariable Valve Timing
VVTiVariable Valve Timing With Intelligence
VVVVacuum Vent Valve (Ford)

W/B thru WU-TWC

WACWOT A/C Cut out Relay
WOTWide Open Throttle
WOTPSWide Open Throttle Position Switch
WOTVWide Open Throttle Valve (Ford)
WSSWheel Speed Sensor
WU-OCWarm Up Oxidation Catalytic Converter
WU-TWCWarm Up Three Way Catalytic Converter

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