​Automotive B​rake Tools & Equipment

​The time to find out your brakes may fail is not when you need them. Ensure your safety with quality automotive brake tools and equipment...

​Automotive B​rake Tools and Equipment

​Brakes are the most important function of your vehicle. You have to get stopped, any vehicle at any ​​velocity is like like a missile. Not only does your life depend on getting yourself stopped, but other people rely on you getting stopped to protect them. When performing a brake job, you want to have the right kind of automotive brake tools.

​​​​​I have seen some individuals get out there trusty crescent wrench and carpentry hammer to do brakes. Even worse, I have seen people go get used brakes off cars in the junk yard and use them for brake replacements. Don't be foolish or irresponsible when it comes to your brakes. Lives depend on your brakes being at top performance.  

​​​​Use only tools designed to do brake work, also have the right information on how to do your brake job. Never, and I mean NEVER use old used brake parts. Understand the true importance about getting stopped and why you want your brakes at their best...

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B​rake Tools

​Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool 24pc Professional Disc Brake Caliper Set

​8-Piece Professional Brake Tool Set

​GEARWRENCH 15 Pc Brake Service Set

​Brake Spring Hook Spring Installer

​Capri Tools 21006 Disc Brake Pad Spreader Tool

​Brake Caliper Hanger Hook 2 Piece Set

​Lisle 25750 Dual Piston Brake Caliper Compressor

​Lang Tools 279-5420 Brake Caliper Press

​Lisle 44210 Universal Emergency Brake Tool

​Lisle 13410 Disc Brake Caliper Brush

​8 mm and 10 mm Brake Bleeder Wrench

​Lisle 50600 Spring Brake Tool for GM

​Digital Brake Fluid Analyzer for DOT3 DOT4 DOT5

​ATD Tools 5463 Double Flaring Tool Kit

​Mini Tubing Cutter 1/8-Inch - 5/8-Inch O.D.

​Professional Double Flaring Tool Kit

​Brake Hold-Down Spring Compressor Tool for Drum Brakes

​Performance Tool W175 Brake Spring Pliers Tool

​Lisle 50700 Brake Adjusting Tool

​Lisle 45100 Brake Spring Tool


​CRC 05089 BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner

​Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lube 0.5 oz

​CRC 05016 Single Unit Disc Brake Quiet

​CRC Brake and Caliper Grease

​Disc Brake Quiet 9 oz net Aerosol Can

​3M 8179 08179 High Power Brake Cleaner 14oz

​Gunk M715 Blue 1 Each Brake Cleaner

​SpinPower Disc & Brake Cleaner 8oz

​CRC Disc Brake Quiet


​Ranger Products Combination Brake Lathe

​Additional Tools

​​Lisle 29200 3/8" Hand Impact Tool Set

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