​Automotive ​Electronic Diagnostic Tools

​Automotive Electronic Diagnostic Tools can aid in finding issues with your vehicle quickly. Take the guess work out of your repairs, browse diagnostic tools and equipment below...

​Automotive ​Electronic Diagnostic Tools

​​​​In the old days, car engines were pretty simple and ​there was no need for ​automotive electronic diagnostic tools. Today there is a sensor for everything on a vehicle. Every vehicle has a computer and all these sensors talk to the computer to regulate how the vehicle will run. When a sensor goes bad, often the vehicle won't run right or at all. Fortunately, these computers are made with a self-diagnostic system that will tell you all you need to know.

​​​​​All vehicles after 1996 are "ODB II", before that was just "OBD", and that was ​from 1991 to the end of 1995. Before 1996, the scanners just were blinking lights you had to count to get a code, accuracy was very poor. ODB II is very accurate and very reliable. When the "Check Engine" light comes on, an ODB II scanner will tell you exactly what is wrong. The use of automotive electronic diagnostic tools is a must on any newer cars. ​

​​​​However, ODB II scanners can't tell you everything and some diagnostics require other type of meters. Sometimes when a scanner tells you a sensor is bad, it could mean you have a bad connection. The best way to look for bad connections or voltage drops, is by using a multimeter. ​This type of meter can measure a wide range of voltage and also resistance. Speed Sensors are often tested by measuring the resistance as variable points. Some multimeters also can measure RPM, which can be handy to watch while under the hood. 

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​OBD II ​Scanners

​OBD2 Scanner Code Reader for Check Engine Light

​OBD2 Scanner Code Reader DTC Lookup Erase Codes

​FIXD OBD2 Pro Bluetooth Code Reader iPhone and Android

​Autel Scanner Pro ABS Brake Auto Bleeding OBD2 Scan Diagnostic Tool

​MaxiCOM OBD2 Scan Tool w/All System and Service Functions

Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader OBD1 and OBD2

Elite AutoScanner Kit Enhanced OBD 1

​Diagnostic and Service Tools

​V+ Full System Bi-Directional Scan Tool Key Programming Diagnostic Scanner

Maxisys Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner ECU coding Active Test Reprogramming

​MaxiTPMS TPMS Tool TPMS Relearn Tool for TPMS Sensor

​TPMS Diagnostic Service Tool Interchangeable 4pc valves

​Fuel Injector Tester Tool Noid Light Set 10pc

Injector Tester 4 Pluse Modes Powerful Fuel System Scan Tool

LED Automotive Circuit Tester 3-32V Test Light

​Wire Piercing Circuit Tester LED Test Light 6-12-24V


​Automotive Digital Multimeter

​ESI 585K Deluxe Automotive DMM

​Digital DC Clamp Meter 6000 Counts Auto ranging

​Handheld Multimeter Backlight LCD Display Pen Type

​Memory Savers

​Schumacher OBD-L Memory Saver Detector

​Automotive Memory Saver With Built In Charger

​Professional Memory Saver

​USB/9V Powered OBD Connector Memory Saver


​Banana to Large Alligator Test Lead Set

​Flexible Silicon Back Probe Pin

​Alligator Clip Test Leads ELEGOO 30 PCS

​Automotive Circuit Test Leads Kit with Black Carrying Case

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Automotive Electronic Diagnostic Tools

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Automotive Electronic Diagnostic Tools

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