​Automotive ​Oil Change Tools

​If you maintenance your own car, you will want the right automotive oil change tools. Do the job right and make it easy on yourself, don't risk engine damage by using the wrong tools...

​Automotive ​Oil Change Tools

​Using the right automotive oil change tools can save you major costly engine repairs. Some engines today are more complex when it come to an oil change. Compared to the old days, it has gotten a little harder on some models. Some engines have gone back to using filter cartridge replacements. Some filters are super small sizes and take a special wrench. There are some vehicles that require a special procedure, for what should be a simple maintenance. 

​​​​​Always read your manufacturer's owners manual or consult your dealer on how to change your oil. Luckily there are still many vehicles that take a somewhat normal oil filter wrench. Hopefully that's what you have. If you find yourself looking at something that just doesn't look quite right or you just don't have a clue how to change your oil. Contact your dealer or ask a mechanic, because if done incorrectly, could cost you an engine...


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​Oil Filter Wrenches

​Lisle 63600 Oil Filter Tool

​Lisle 63250 Wide Range Filter Wrench

​Small Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench for 2.5in to 3.25in

​3/8in Drive Oil Filter End Cap SAE Wrench 3in

​Oil Filter Socket - GM


​23pcs Aluminum Cup Oil Filter Wrench Socket Removal Set

4-in-1 Band Filter Wrench Set

​Oil Filter Cap Wrench 7pc Socket Set Tool Kit 24mm to 38mm

​Oil Filter Pliers

​12-Inch Oil Filter Pliers

​Oil Filter Pliers Set 2in to 4-1/2in 2pc

​Locking Grip Oil Filter Remover Wrench

​Oil Filter Plier Adj 4 Position 9in


​RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp - Set of 2

​15 Quart Oil Drain Container

​Oil Spill Mat,Absorbent

​17 Gallon Oil Drain Pan Pump Low Profile

​8 Gallon Economy Portable Poly Oil Drain

​20 Gallon Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank Air Operated Drainage

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Automotive Oil Change Tools

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Automotive Oil Change Tools

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