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The automotive industry can be somewhat complex because of the variety of tools one has to have to make repairs and work on vehicles. Also there are genre in tools, not all tools work in the same area, not to mention supplies and equipment. Click on the images below for the category of tools and equipment you are interested in. The provided list in each category have been based on not only quality but affordability as well. I want to provide my customers with a positive experience so please send me your feedback or request. These products are what you would commonly use in general mechanics, auto body and paint, interiors and welding. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact me and I will see if I can help. I am always instersted in adding more to my site so your input is valued.

Auto Body

Using professional grade tools and supplies will only enhance the outcome of any auto body and paint project. Browse a selection of chemicals, body fillers and tools that are used for doing Auto Body Work. SELECT

Get the best results in the shortest amount of time by using professional grade tools. As the old saying goes, “Use the right tool for the right job". Browse a selection of automotive tools used for general mechanics, electrical and computer diagnostics.  SELECT

Automotive Tools


It is important to have the right kind of welder for the types of metals and the types of jobs. It is also important to have the correct supplies, hardware and safety products. Browse a selection of welders, supplies, accessories and safety apparel. SELECT

No matter the job or project, there are always things to learn and information that is needed to make the job better and faster. Browse a selection of manuals, eBooks, courses and training.  SELECT

How To

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