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Auto Body Repairs Can Be Costly, Learn To Do It Yourself

Body shops are no longer cheap, especially if you want a decent job that will last. Learn how to save big bucks on doing auto body repairs yourself. This number one, and really only course will teach you to paint as good as any pro. Auto body skills are among the best automotive resources to have in your tool belt. Learn the skill to do your own projects or learn this trade as a new career. [Learn How]

automotive resources
automotive resources

Hard Choosing A Welder? Learn To Weld Like A Pro...

It seems finding a good welder these days is getting more difficult. Even when you can find one, their prices are getting almost too expensive.

MIG Welder prices are coming down making it more feasible to do your own welding. Have a car project you want to tackle? Knowing how to weld can save you time and money. Learn how to weld in a matter of minutes. [Learn How]

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What Our Customers Say


“Paying a little more for a good welder instead of a cheapy, paid off”

I was lucky because I borrowed a friends $90 MIG welder that used flux wire. After contacting RodsShop for advice on welders, I bought one that was gas capable and had more power than that cheap $90 welder, no offense John. I was welding in a radiator support and the cheap welder just wasn't making deep enough welds. After buying a welder that was a little more than double of the cheap one, welds were perfect and strong. I am glad I made the investment. 

Ronnie Stewart


“Found the best little inexpensive interior tools here”

My boyfriend and I were trying to change out my door speakers in my older Nissan. We couldn't get that ring around the inside door handle off to get the door panel off. After an easy find here on RodShop site, I found an interior trim tool set that was like under $15 that made the whole job take no time. Of course my boyfriend is keeping the tools but it was a life saver for us. 

Samantha Braden

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