Change Your Oil and Never Use Old Motor Oil

Change Your Oil and Never Use Old Motor Oil

Why You Should Change Your Oil and Never Use Old Motor Oil? You should keep your oil changed frequently and never use old motor oil. You may have people make fun of you because you are one of those people that like to change your oil in your car every 3000 to 5000 miles.

Well in time you can make fun of those that rarely to never change their oil or even worse use already used motor oil when they start having oils leaks, blow by and blown engines.

Some people think that if you just change the filter and not the oil that will keeping the engine clean but sadly it does nothing. It is the oil that breaks down that actually starts doing damage to your engine. To help you understand why oil that has high mileage on it or using used motor oil can damage your engine, here is a quick overview on what is going on inside your engine.

Over time, the oil in your engine begins to combine with those combustion gases that seep by the piston rings and get trapped in the oil, but this is one of the jobs of your oil so nothing is wrong in this process, this is just how it works. Now as more of these combustion gases get trapped and build up inside your oil, it starts making your oil acidic, specifically sulfuric and carbonic acids get formed.

These acids eat away at all the metal parts and rubber seals in your engine, thus causing your seals and gaskets to get hardened, lose its flexibility, become malleable and causing it to lose its anaerobic qualities, meaning allowing oxygen to works its way into the rubbers and gasket materials causing erosion and decay.

All of this means your engine will now start leaking and the metals that the oil are supposed to be protecting will now start breaking down and allow the metal on metal action to eat each other up from friction.


Oil is Oil Right?

So you may be one of those people that is guilty of thinking that oil is oil and it is going to last forever, that when you bought it at 10W30 that it is still 10W30 2 years and 75000 miles later. Well think again, that oil is nothing but black acid and killing your engine.

Now what should you do to repair this mistreatment of your engine. Well sadly the damage is done, if you have gone long periods of time without changing your oil or you are using used motor oil, the only hope you have from this point is to start changing your oil every 3000 miles and put oil treatments in it.

Which type of oil do you want to use conventional oil or synthetic?. Synthetic oil is much better than conventional oil but synthetic oils were designed for newer car engines where conventional oils are just basic crude oil that has been run through some refining processes. What this means is that the viscosity and flow rates are different between the two types of oils. The viscosity such as 30 weight oil is 30 weight no matter synthetic or conventional but 30 weight in conventional has a different flow rate than synthetic.

Engines today are built with tighter clearances and require better oils. Synthetic oils can flow up to seven time faster than conventional oils. Engines with tighter clearances really need thinner oils, that is why you see engines that use 5W20 motor oil these days. Now with synthetic oil, you get a higher flow rate which means the oil is getting to the job faster and this is particularly important when we talk oil viscosity per temperature.


So What Good is Conventional Oil?

Back when I first started to get into cars and motorcycles, I learned from my dad that in the summer, you ran 10W40 because the oil got hotter and broke down to the 10W real fast. In the winter you ran 10W30 because the oil was thicker and when you first started your engine, it could rattle a little for just a second.

The conventional oils are made much better now and that is less of an issue but with synthetic oil cold or not, the flow rate of synthetic oil will get to the bearings and lifters much faster not to mention some of the additives that are in synthetic oil that cause lubricants to cling and almost bond to the surface of the metals in your engine.

Now even though I think synthetic oil is awesome, here is something to keep in mind with a brand new engine. It is said that whatever oil you start your engine off on is what you should keep it with. I disagree with that statement, I always use a conventional oil to break an engine in with, at least run it for about 2000 miles.

The piston rings need to seat in the cylinder bore and if you used synthetic with its additives that coat the surface of the metals with a protectant, that would kind of defeat the purpose of the rind wearing to the shape of the cylinder bore. I usually run the engine about 1000 to 2000 miles, change the oil and filter then run conventional oil in it a second time for another 2000 miles and then switch over to synthetic.

Now this is more on engines I have built or purchased. Factory engines usually go through a process where a machine helps pre-seat the rings, so if you started your brand new car out on synthetic oil, you shouldn’t have any issues.

There are some of us that have had or still have clunker cars that burn and drip oil everywhere and you hate to buy new oil for them but if you keep some fresh oil in these leaky, burning clunkers, they will actually use less oil than if you were to keep used oil in them or just never change it.


Reasons To Keep The Oil Fresh

My brother has a car that uses oil and when he goes a long period of time without changing his oil, the car seems to drink a quart about every two weeks. Now I told him what I am telling you and to prove my point, I changed his oil and for 6 months it went from a quart every two weeks to a quart every month and a half.

Keep good oil in your engine and never buy or use old motor oil, you are not saving anything and killing your engine in the process. This applies to lawnmowers as well and they are actually worse about needing fresh oil. Most lawnmower engines are air cooled and hit higher temperatures that brake oils down faster. So take care of your mower as well.

So always change your oil filter every oil change, you want to keep all the contaminants out of your engine the best you can, If you have a new car or a new engine that is already broke in, if you can afford it, use a synthetic or synthetic blend oil, however if you are keeping your oil changed regularly, a conventional oil is fine. Never use a synthetic oil in an old engine that is already leaking or making noise, conventional works better in engines in this condition.

Please help keep our environment clean by taking your old used motor oils to the appropriate recycling and disposal locations. Autozone and many other parts stores will take your old oils and batteries for free. Also your local community solid waste facilities usually has an oil tank for oil disposals,







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  1. There is a whole lot on here that makes sense but that I didn’t know. Especially about synthetic oil as I grew up when it was not an option. Thanks for explaining it in a way I could under stand

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