Donating Your Car

Donating Your Car

A lot of us car enthusiast are a bit sentimental and the thought of “Donating Your Car”, getting rid of that project car that has set outside rusting away for the last two decades is down right depressing.

But when you think about what is left of it and how much of it will really be the same car if you ever could get the time and money to restore it, the point seems kind of moot. There comes a point when you must decide, fix it or turn it into something that can do some good. For those that are not car enthusiast, well it is a little easier to let that heap collecting weeds and dirt out in the yard go. Thankfully charities have made things like vehicle donations a much less of a pain process.

Most all of these organizations are as simple as a phone call or go online and fill out a form. Heck they have even anticipated misplaced titles, after all if your vehicle has sat for many years and you have done a few spring cleanings here and there, where did that title go?


What About Other Vehicles I might Have To Donate?

These organizations are well-equipped that they are not just taking cars, they take trucks, RV’s, SUV’s, boats, motorcycles and a few other vessel types. The majority of them will make arrangements to come and haul it off for you and give you a receipt for a tax credit.

So why would you want to donate your vehicle? Well I am sure you hate to see that once old dream car, truck or boat that you had big plans for go, but we can’t take it with us when we leave this world and all you are really doing is adding stress by hanging onto something you can’t do anything with.

Life runs at such a fast pace and when we stored that old fixer-upper motorcycle in the garage that is now buried under years of crap and all the parts are nowhere to be found, we had every intention of making it like new and enjoying it. Now the thrill is more of a job and the expense just isn’t worth it. No need to throw it out, that old piece of scrap can help others.


Why Should I Donate?

There are several good reasons to donate, one it could help get rid of a reminder of an unsuccessful project that never even got started and once gone, now leaves a nice clean area that gives you a sense of newness.

Then there is the possibility of a tax credit if what you donate has enough value left to it. One reason most people don’t consider is, by taking these heaps out of your yard, you are helping the environment. Vehicles with engines and transmission along with rubber and metal parts leak and deteriorate into the soil, not to mention that this junk sitting around becomes a nest for unwanted creatures around your house.

Then the most important part is by donating your vehicle, you are giving to a cause, a charity of your choice turning something that was stagnant into a positive chance for someone. There are so many charities out there and choosing one would have to be something you feel right about.


What Do These Organizations Do and Where Can I Find Them?

There are organizations that have programs for kids and to feed kids in need. Then there are those that help victims of cancer, Alzheimer’s, help mothers fight birth defects and then others that help build homes for the less fortunate and also help our veterans.

So even if you feel that what has been sitting out in the yard or driveway for a while really isn’t worth anything, well think again. These donated vehicles are worth their weight in metals, glass and plastics.

They can be tore down for the good parts and some of them can be fixed up and sold or even be given to be used by someone in need. Click Here to see the list of Oraganizations


Choosing A Charity

There are some things that you should consider when donating your vehicle. Think about how your car will be used and where will it go. If the money from the sale of your vehicle will be used locally or outside of your community, if that is important to you.

Which programs or services within the charity will receive funding from the sale. Then the one I would probably care the most about is how much of your donation goes toward administrative costs and not to the programs and services you want to support.

It is always a good idea to research the charity or organization you plan to donate to. You should always ask about any IRS forms or certificates you may receive from your donation, of course that is only really important if your vehicle has much value to it.


It’s Simple!!

Vehicle and or vessel donating is a relatively simple process. Find a charity, do some research, think about if this is a cause you want to support, then fill out an online form or call and someone will come and pick up your vehicle, or tell you a location where to take it. So getting rid of that eyesore out in the yard, driveway or garage is much easier now and should be an incentive to help you make up your mind. Click Here if you have a vehicle you would like to donate






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