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Difference Between 2k And 1k Clear

The Difference Between 2k And 1k Clear Coat

There are quite a few posts and videos on how to fix peeling clear coat. Many of this information is wrong as they suggest any old spray can clear. Whenever you want to clear something that is exposed to the outdoors, you need to know the difference between 2K and 1K clear coats. Continue reading

Low Cost Clear Coat Repair

Low Cost Clear Coat Repair

When the clear coat on your car starts to peel, flake or haze up. This kind of leaves you to a decision of what course of clear coat repair to take. There are videos of the dumbest methods of repair out there. There are also ads from body shops that want to repaint your entire car for thousands of dollars. But what if you had a low cost clear coat repair available to you? Continue reading

Car Foiling – What Is It and Why You Should Consider It

For those who have owned a vehicle for more than a few years. Know about the wear and tear that they can go through. Even more so, for everyday drivers. Factors such as weather conditions like the extreme heat and UV rays. Bad roads, and poor running conditions can all play a part in the life span of a car. Your car’s paint diminishes over time, but there is a solution, ever heard of car foiling? Continue reading

Set Up An HVLP Spray Gun

How To Set Up An HVLP Spray Gun and Tips

Decades ago, your “Do-It-Yourself” at home body man used syphon feed spray guns. They did great but as time went on, technology advances. For automotive painting, this was a great turn of events. HVLP spray guns were created, and painting got a little easier, and the waste of paint went down. If you paint cars, an HVLP gun is a must. In this article you will learn how to set up an HVLP spray gun and some tips. Continue reading

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