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How To Wash Your Car Properly

Provide Maximum Care For Your Car's Finish

Drag to Reposition
Move Up or Down to Reposition
Move Left or Right to Reposition

​Are you one the few that still hand washes your car own car? Many people today, keep car washing services in business. However, many don’t realize that some of these machine type services, can be really hard on the paint. I prefer and suggest, to do it yourself. The question is, do you know “How to wash your car properly”?

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How to maintain your motorcycle for this summer’s riding

how to maintain your motorcycle

​Summer is here, and the peak of motorcycle riding is among us. So ​it's important to maintain your motorcycle for ​summer riding. ​Motorcycling ​can be dangerous enough as it is with all the people ​that do not pay attention. ​However, getting out on your bike, not knowing if it's in tip top shape, ​is just asking for it. ​Want to know how to maintain your motorcycle?

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Resetting The Change Oil Light – Another One Of Those Lights

resetting the change oil lightAutomobiles certainly have come a long way from when they were first invented. Remember back when you used to have to keep up with your own oil changes? Now we have a maintenance indicator on our dash. Unfortunately, this leads to a search for Resetting The Change Oil Light”. However this can include the “Service Engine Soon”, or “Check Engine” light. Depends on the year make and model of your car. Continue reading