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Set Up An HVLP Spray Gun

How To Set Up An HVLP Spray Gun and Tips

Decades ago, your “Do-It-Yourself” at home body man used syphon feed spray guns. They did great but as time went on, technology advances. For automotive painting, this was a great turn of events. HVLP spray guns were created, and painting got a little easier, and the waste of paint went down. If you paint cars, an HVLP gun is a must. In this article you will learn how to set up an HVLP spray gun and some tips. Continue reading

get gasoline smell off your hands

How to Get Gasoline Smell off Your Hands

A few times, repair or maintenance of your vehicle would bring you in contact with gasoline. What’s worth your worry is that the smell of gas (after contact) doesn’t quickly wear out. The stench is stubborn and could last weeks. You may not know it, but the smell of gas harms your health. Keep reading this article to learn how to get gasoline smell off your hands. Continue reading

prepare for winter driving

How To Winterize A Car – Prepare For Winter Driving

How To Winterize A Car – Prepare For Winter Driving

Many use the term “Winterize”, when it comes to their homes, lawnmowers, boats and swimming pools. But for something used every day such as our cars and trucks, many people don’t think about winterizing. It may seem like a crazy question, but do you know how to winterize a car and prepare for winter driving? 

Continue reading
Resetting The Change Oil Light

Resetting The Change Oil Light – Another One Of Those Lights

Automobiles certainly have come a long way from when they were first invented. Remember back when you used to have to keep up with your own oil changes? Now we have a maintenance indicator on our dash. Unfortunately, this leads to a search for Resetting The Change Oil Light”. However this can include the “Service Engine Soon”, or “Check Engine” light. Depends on the year make and model of your car. Continue reading