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Make Your Car Last Longer

Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer

For those who have bought brand new cars or higher priced used ones. There is a question that stays on your mind. How to make your car last longer? Which is a perfectly legitimate question. You just got into debt for something you wanted, of course you want it to last a good while. Not to mention, many car owners still take pride in their baby. Continue reading

How Long Does It Take To Change A Tire?

Have you noticed the ridges of your tires leveling lately or some cracks on the sides of your tires, and you figured it’s high time you changed your tires? Or you just haven’t replaced your tires in a long while, and you think it’s high time you did that? In situations like this, “How long does it take to change a tire?” is the question that comes to your mind because it takes safety and precaution into consideration.

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Change Your Oil Frequently

Why should you change your oil frequently? The best answer is, to keep your engine young and healthy. Your engine undergoes a lot of stress through many temperature changes. Metal and rubber react to these changes in many ways. Warping, cracks and the rubber seals really take a beating. You may get ridiculed for changing your oil every 3000 to 5000 miles. However, after 300,000 miles down the road, see who is laughing then.

There are many benefits of keeping your oil changed, with clean, fresh new oil. I say this because there are those that like to reuse their old motor oil. Never reuse old oils. For all the reasons to keep new oil in your engine, is why you don’t use old oils. Some think the life of the engine is in the changing the filter, but is  it? Continue reading