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Change Your Oil Frequently

Why should you change your oil frequently? The best answer is, to keep your engine young and healthy. Your engine undergoes a lot of stress through many temperature changes. Metal and rubber react to these changes in many ways. Warping, cracks and the rubber seals really take a beating. You may get ridiculed for changing your oil every 3000 to 5000 miles. However, after 300,000 miles down the road, see who is laughing then.

There are many benefits of keeping your oil changed, with clean, fresh new oil. I say this because there are those that like to reuse their old motor oil. Never reuse old oils. For all the reasons to keep new oil in your engine, is why you don’t use old oils. Some think the life of the engine is in the changing the filter, but is  it? Continue reading

when should i change my brakes

When Should You Change Your Brakes?

You might want to change your brakes when you come to a stop and feel a roughness. Are you hearing grinding and squealing? Have you noticed black dust around your wheels lately? If you have experienced any of this, you more than likely need to change your brakes.

You might be noticing that your car just doesn’t seem to be stopping as well as it did. There may be a burning smell when you get out of the car. If the question, “When should I change my brakes”, popped in your head, pay attention. Normally these kind of symptoms mean you need to change your brakes, but not always. Many shops are going to tell you yes, then drop a $900 invoice in your lap. Although, these signs are strong towards needing brakes, lets look into further.

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wiper blades

How often should you change your windshield wiper blades

How often should you change your windshield wiper blades? The answer is based on your environment. Where do you live, what kind of conditions is your car enduring? Is your car house broken or forced to stay outside? Don’t always go by what the manufacturer says. Your environment is the biggest factor on the life of your blades.

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Buy In Pairs And Sets To Do The Job Right

Why Would I Have To Buy In Pairs Or Sets To Do The Job Right?

Vehicle maintenance can get expensive. Most car parts are a small fortune, so it makes sense to buy just what you need, or does it? Maintaining a car requires some thought and strategy. You want to avoid unexpected problems and do it in a cost effective way. Thinking about how to do the job right might require buying in pairs and sets.

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