Fixing Peeling Clear Coat On A Bumper Quick And Easy

This video shows fixing the clear-coat coming off on a rear bumper of a Honda Accord being a quick and easy two and a half hour repair. Using a sander with 400 grit sandpaper and wet or dry 400 grit sandpaper by hand, the clear-coat was sanded and feathered back. Masked off the rear bumper and applied a mid-coat adhesion, then the color and then the clear. The whole job cost around $50 for paint, clear and sanding materials. Job came out well enough it didn’t require sanding and buffing.


I use a more expensive gravity fed spray gun so that I can control the texture and orange peel in my finishes. You can also use cheaper gravity fed guns and get decent results, here are two guns that are really nice guns but on the extreme of price ranges. If you are looking to just shoot a small maybe one time or tow type projects, I would suggest going with the cheaper gun but if you plan on painting a high quality project car or plan on doing many jobs, I would recommend the higher priced gun.

There are courses you can now take from home to learn how to paint like a professional. Again one is a little pricier but would be for someone that really wants to either take this as a serious hobby or possibly as a career. the lower cost course is great if you are just wanting to learn how to do a repair, although the information will still have you going at it like a pro.

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