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Ford F250 vs F350 – Which One Do You Prefer

Ford F250 vs F350 is a popular topic. They are also popular F-series heavy truck models from Ford’s Super Duty line. Both are excellent for towing and hauling, but which one? Although, it is sometimes hard to choose between these hauling and towing machines. Making an appropriate decision will need a thorough feature comparison.

f250 vs f350

This article will review the differences and similarities between F250 and F350. The write up will compare specific features that will make your choice straight forward.

Ford 250 vs 350: Comparison Table

Here is an outline of how F250 and F350 compare with each other.

  F250 F350
Size Smaller Larger
Towing 14,000 lbs. 21,000 lbs. to around 35,000 lbs.
Payload 4,240 pounds 7,640 pounds
  • 7L Turbo-Diesel Power Stroke V8
  • 6.2L Boss SOHC V8
  • 7L Turbo-diesel power stroke V8
  • 6.2L Boss SOHC V8
Type Heavy-duty truck Heavy-duty truck
  • Has a reliability score of 2 out of 5.
  • Frequent repair issues. At times, they are worse.
  • On average, they can cost up to $1,241 on maintenance.
  • A Ford F-350 has a reliability score of 1.5 out of 5.
  • An average annual repair cost of $1,295
  • More frequent and worse repair issues than other truck models.
Safety Five-star NHTSA ratings on all its tests Five-star NHTSA ratings on all its tests
Price $34,700 $36,000

Ford 250 vs Ford 350: Similarities 

The Ford F-250 and F-350 are full-size, heavy-duty vehicles that came into existence for the first time in 1999. At first glance, they look alike since they have a lot of physical similarities. Here are some of their similarities;

Exterior and Interior

There are several options for the interior and exterior of the heavy-duty ford trucks. They have a similar cab size, trim option, and bed size. Either of them can come in XLT, LT, Lariat, King Ranch, or Platinum. In addition, within these trim levels, there can either be regular, super, or crew cabs. On the other hand, there are two-bed size options for both trucks, either a long box or a short box.

The only notable physical difference is that the F-350 comes with the option for dual rear wheels. Since the intention of producing F-350 was to support heavy-duty towing, it became the pioneer super duty truck to support duallys.


Ford F250 and F350 vehicles have similar engine options. The first option is a 6.2L Boss SOHC V8 engine with a capacity of 385 Hp and torque of 430. The second-choice option is a 6.7 turbo diesel engine. This engine has 935-pound feet of torque and a capacity of 450 Hp.

In addition, they both have a 6-speed automatic transmission that supports rear and four-wheel drives. They also support bi-fuel conversion; hence they can all run on gas and secondary fuel.


NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) scores vehicle safety on a five-star scale.  Ford F-250 and F-350 have five stars on all NHTSA safety parameters. Secondly, Ford F250 and F350 have a good IHS (Institute for Highway Safety) rating.

In addition, they are fitted with additional active driver and safety assistance features that together minimize the risk of collisions. These safety features include;

Front automated emergency braking

Rear cross-traffic alert

Rear parking sensors

Blindspot warning

Adaptive cruise control 

A 360-degree tow camera and many more

All these additional features minimize the risk of accidents by issuing prior warnings for appropriate interventions.

Ford 250 and Ford 350: Differences

Towing and Payload

The maximum payload capacity of a Ford F-250 is 4,240 pounds. This is more than enough for your passengers and other strenuous tools and cargo. It also uses towing assist technology. For instance, it has a pro trailer technology that controls where your trailer will go in reverse. Other forms of technology include;

Trailer reverse guidance

Trailer sway control

Standard trailer backup assist

The maximum towing capacity of a Ford F250 ranges between 12,500 and 22,800 pounds depending on the setup. This huge towing capacity is made possible by an additional gooseneck trailer. Ford 250 specs such as the cab, engine, and drivetrain significantly affect the towing capacity of the Ford F250. In addition, the available engine boasts some features that tremendously enhance the towing capacity. These include;

Trailer sway control that maintains control of the tow trailer

Trailer Hitch Receiver

5th Wheel Hitch Kit

Gooseneck Hitch Kit

Diesel Engine Exhaust Braking

ESOF 4-wheel drive system


A super Ford F-350 super duty has a maximum payload of 7,640 lbs. The towing capacity of the Ford F-350 depends on the type of towing you want to undertake, that is, conventional, gooseneck, or 5th wheel.

You can pull up to 21,000 pounds using an F350 with a 6.7L power stroke turbo diesel engine for conventional towing, which is the most straightforward form of towing. 

All the ratings mentioned earlier apply to regular cab configurations; for Duty Super cab, they can tow 21,200-pound conventional towing and up to 35,400 pounds gooseneck or 5th wheel towing. For gooseneck and 5th wheel towing, a Ford F-350 can tow up to 35,750 pounds using a 10-speed transmission and a 6.7L power stroke diesel V8 engine. In case you prefer gas, a 7.3L gas V8 engine offers only 21,000 towing capacity.


Although F250 and F350 are almost similar, they are slightly different in size, with the F350 being slightly larger. This size variance causes the difference in towing capacities and prices.


An F250 has a 2/5 reliability which ranks it 15th out of 17 among full-size trucks. In addition, it has yearly maintenance of $1,241 on average, which implies a poor ownership cost. It may also have frequent repairs compared to other models.


Since Ford F250 and F350 have different sizes, their prices will never be the same. While a F250 costs around $35,000, a F350 costs approximately $36,000.

Sum Up

Although both F250 and F350 have almost similar features, an F350 is preferable since it has more payload and towing capacity. In addition, the cost difference is minimal; thus, a Ford 350 is preferable.

f250 vs f350I’m Lucas, a car mechanic and blogger. Creator of off-roadinternational.com – an off-road blog to share Tips & Trick for Off-road vehicles and reviews top off-road-related products.

Having over 5 years of experience in the field and now I want to share it with everyone who has the same hobby off-road.



By Lucas Smith


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