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Four Tips for Renting a Car While on a Trip in Nice

Have you just booked a flight to Nice? So as to explore this charming city and its magnificent surroundings. Travelers are strongly recommended Renting a Car while on a trip in Nice.

Renting a Car while on a trip in Nice

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to rent a car. You might pay a higher price for the rental service. Checking the small print and insurance coverage is also essential for avoiding unexpected expenses. Each car rental company is specific in its requirements and rules, which you must analyze before hiring an auto.

Follow these helpful tips if planning to rent an auto on your voyage in the spectacular city of Nice.

Book early

Ensure to book in advance, when renting a car while on a trip in Nice. As soon as your flight is confirmed, you should immediately start searching for car hire deals. When booking ahead, there will be numerous available vehicles, which can be rented for a lower price. The longer you wait, the lower the number of options. Consequently, last-minute deals are known to be much costlier.

Moreover, many travelers are reluctant to book ahead. Usually due of the possibility of canceling the trip in the weeks or months to come. Therefore, when renting a vehicle in Nice, be advised to look for refundable rates. This allows you to get a refund in the event of canceling the trip or finding a cheaper deal.

Check the small print

Another important tip to have in mind when looking for an auto rental in Nice is checking the small print. Always pay attention to the rental details first. When doing research on car rental companies, most travelers opt for the lowest-cost alternative. Car rental search engines, such as Go Autos bilutleie Nice, compare the prices of thousands of car rental companies for travelers to find the lowest price. Nevertheless, checking the small print is inevitable to avoid unpleasant surprises.

For instance, it’s paramount for travelers to rent a vehicle with unlimited mileage. Some companies have a tendency to limit the number of miles customers can drive. This limit could be on a daily basis or during the entire rental period. Limited mileage goes against the spontaneity of trips, especially longer ones. 

renting a car in while on a trip in Nice

Moreover, deposits are common in each auto rental company, as it’s the only way for them to protect the company against damage. The amount of the deposit varies in accordance with the reputation of the company and the length of the rental period. Deposits usually range between $350 and $1200, depending on the price. Cheaper rates tend to come with larger deposits.

Pay Attention To Time Limitations

Another thing to pay attention to when renting a car in Nice is the time limitations related to pickup and drop-off. The costs charged by these firms are usually based on a period of twenty-four hours. For instance, if you collect a vehicle at 12.00 pm on May 10th, you will be charged the arranged sum of money as long as you drop off the vehicle at 12.00 pm on May 20th. Nevertheless, by dropping the car off later than 12 pm, you will be obliged to pay an extra rental day although you’ve only kept the car for an extra hour.

In addition, the majority of car rental companies charge a young driver sub-charge when renting vehicles to drivers under the age of twenty-five. These firms consider young drivers more prone to having an accident, which is why they charge a fixed daily amount to individuals younger than twenty-five. Therefore, if you are a young driver, don’t forget to check this rule when analyzing the small print of rental companies. Visit this website to learn some useful tips for renting an auto when you are under twenty-five. 

Fuel Charges

Fuel charges are also worth considering when choosing a car rental company for your trip to Nice. The largest number of firms provide clients with a full fuel tank when picking the vehicle up, expecting to receive the auto back with the same amount of fuel in the reservoir. Unless you return the auto with the expected fuel amount, the firm will charge you for the missing fuel based on the local prices.

renting a car in while on a trip in Nice

Border crossing is yet another factor to take into account when renting an auto on your trip to Nice. Most rental companies prohibit crossing borders with the rented vehicle. If your intention is to cross the border to Italy or Spain, make sure to let the agency know in advance. Usually, the charges for border crossing increase the overall booking cost.

Consider the insurance

Insurance is an important aspect to take into account when hiring an auto in Nice. Car rental insurance differs from the standard insurance of autos. Rental agencies usually offer standard insurance, including liability insurance, fire insurance, theft protection, and collision damage waiver. This type of insurance covers the vehicle in case of a mechanical fire, covers a partial cost in the event of theft during the rental period, as well as the damage done to the body of the auto.

While standard insurance is mainly included in the offer of auto hire companies in Europe, every renter should be careful about the massive excess (deductible). It refers to the amount of money you’ll have to cover in the event of a claim, which isn’t covered by the policy. The excess implemented by car hire firms usually ranges between $1000 and $1800. This URL, https://www.thebalance.com/insurance-deductible-2645763, explains how insurance deductibles work.

renting a car in while on a trip in Nice

In order to minimize the excess or eliminate it completely, these firms offer additional insurance to clients. This insurance is charged on a daily basis, and its goal is to cover any potential damage done to the roof, tires, windscreen, etc. It’s vital for renters to minimize the exposure as much as possible to avoid paying a hefty price to cover the excess. By paying for additional insurance, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to the vehicle during the rental period.

Have all the necessary documents

When landing in Nice, you’ll be expected to provide the necessary paperwork so as to pick up the hired auto. You will be asked to provide a valid credit card in order for the firm to hold a security deposit. Naturally, renters have to bring a valid driving license, as well as an international driving permit in some countries. Some companies might scan your passport and require return flight information.

In conclusion

The coastal character of Nice makes it perfect for car rides.

Enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea while driving on the roads along the coast!


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