​1949 ​Lincoln ​​C​osmopolitan - ​Street Rod Build

​Overall ​Street Rod Restore

​Work Done By RodsShop

This ​car took a year to build,a lot to do with the owner not having a plan in place. It started off as, throw some paint on it, slap a Chevrolet 350 in it and sell it. So I attacked this project on that basis. Then it started, "can we make it power steering and power disc brakes?". Can we add air conditioning to it? Well these things needed to be know up front as this required things I had already put back together, to have to take back apart again.

He wanted all the chrome redone and that isn't cheap. The two bumpers were right at $3000 at that time. He spent $1000 on getting the door handles re-chromed, and right before I was ready to paint it, he decided to shave the door handles and use a remote to open the doors. So that was $1000 wasted.

​I had to modify the door hinges so they were adjustable to get the body lines correct. He wanted a fantastic sound system in it and some other electronic gadgets. I painted it with Dupont's Chromabase base-coat and used a Dupont clear called Cronar. It was a very easy clear to use and to buff. The first show we took the car to, it sold for $4​6000. So the effort paid off...

All of my cars in my pictures and videos are actual real customer's cars, so usually my main focus is to get the job done. However I plan to do better in the future. There will be more pictures coming of this project, so stay tuned...

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