1971 ​P​ontiac GTO - ​​My First Car

​​​Bought the car when I was 15

​Work Done By RodsShop

​​I had always rode a motorcycle but as I knew I was approaching 16, I figured I would start looking for a car. My parents has a 1972 Pontiac LeMans, and that car could burn the tires at 30mph just by stomping the gas pedal. ​The speedometer registered 140mph and it could do it easy. You could be running 100 mph and barely be touching the gas pedal. So you know what kind of car I wanted, right?

So I began my search with no luck. So one day pulling into a Honda motorcycle shop to get some parts for my bike. I told my dad that I just don't even want a car, if I can't find what I want, then forget it. Well this motorcycle shop started selling used cars on its lot. And my dad s​aw my car first and asked. You wouldn't want that car there? Well I bought ​my car for $950 that day and I still have it.

​I drove it as it was for a while but as all teenage guys in that time period did, I had to beef it up, make stand out. I built the whole drivetrain up, then started on the body. The interior was in excellent shape so nothing much to do there. I first got the body ready and drove it and raced it in primer. But I decided that it was time to make a real statement and as you can see, I did...

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