2003 Mitsubishi Spyder - ​Cracked Paint 

​​Paint and blend on hood and fenders

​Work Done By RodsShop

This ​was another car lot special from my used car lot dealer. The paint on the hood was weather chafed and cracked. The cracks went all the way down to the metal and of course some surface rust was showing up. I started off trying to sand the paint off but whatever cause it to crack also made the paint really too hard to sand. So I used paint stripper and removed all the paint from the hood.

​Once I got the hood into primer, it was an easy sand and paint. I wet sanded the fenders so that I could fan some of the color over onto them so that the hood and fender looked like a match. The dealer supplied the paint which was a horrible match. There also wasn't enough to blend and clear the front bumper cover and it really showed up. Crazy enough, it was a one day job and the car sold the next day.

All of my cars in my pictures and videos are actual real customer's cars, so usually my main focus is to get the job done. However I plan to do better in the future.

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