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No mechanic at any level of experience can live without How To Information. Too much changes from year to year and there is always something new to learn. So it's important to keep upto date with new products and eBooks. This page will constantly be updated so always check back...

How To Resources

Automotive work, no matter auto body or general mechanics, is an ever learning process. There will be things you will learn and can do in your sleep but there is always more to discover. If you are a newbie to the DIY automotive world, you will have to have "How To Information" materials and guides. Even the most experienced and trained body techs and mechanics, refer to technical manuals and even YouTube for help. 

Below you will find products, programs, guides and more. This page will always be updated as there is always new information being created on these topics everyday. So always check back or if you are looking for something you don't see here, contact me and I will see what i can do to get you what you need...

Auto Body Products

Spray Paint Secrets

Ever fancied spraying your car to your own perfection but lacked painting knowledge?. Well here is the "Silver Bullet", Spray Paint Secrets is a step-by-step professional body work and car spray painting course with videos.

how to restore metal trim

Learn How To Restore Metal Auto Trim

This eBook provides basic, step-by-step information for restoring and repairing metal trim pieces on your vintage car or truck. Plus information on all the necessary tools and materials and more.

Aerosol Quote Form

Automotive Touchup Paints and Supplies

Finally, a paint company that can offer exact matched paints for those with or without auto body spray equipment. Automotive Touchup offers your matched paint in aerosols. Including basecoat/clearcoat products for all methods of applications.

How To

Learn MIG Welding

If you plan on doing auto body work, at some point, you are  going to need to weld. Radiator supports are your biggest weld works on a car when doing collision repair. You will never find a welding course this cheap.

Auto Body Repair Guide and Tips

Auto Body Repair Guide and Tips

Discover techniques and "How To's" from an auto body veteran. Gain the benefits from my past 40 years of experience, and learn some of the tricks of the trade. 

2022 Wheel Lug Torque Specs

2022 Wheel Lug Torque Specs

Are you looking for the wheel lug torque spec for your vehicle? Now you can find all the torque specs you need, all in one place. Even though it is marked 2022, there are some 2023 specs in this complete chart.

car buying tips

Car Buying Tips

Run through a proven checklist of the do's and don'ts. Also learn where to buy cars at auctions, great for anyone looking to buy their first car!! Discover tips about financing, what to look for in a used car, dealership scams and more.

ODB-II Code List

ODB-II Code List

Many of you will stop by a local parts store and get your diagnostic codes read for free. Don't get mislead by parts store clerks guessing  what is wrong. With this list, you can get an explanation of what you need to do to get your vehicle fixed properly.

Automotive Repair Products

Super Powerful Diagnostic Scanner & Performance Tuner

Plug it in and instantly know the problem, and how to fix it. Stop wasting time with simplistic OBD scanners and step up to the next generation of a Scanner plus Performance Tuner

Complete Step-by-Step Mechanics Course

Take this Complete Online Step-by-Step Mechanics To Advanced Auto Diagnostics, Repairs and Maintenance Course. This A-Z structure compresses an entire "1 year ASE certification semester" into a 1-3 months in the comfort of your own home.

2 Wheel Vehicle Products

DIY Bike Repair

This comprehensive bike repair and maintenance course featuring over 200 step-by-step videos and fully illustrated DIY manuals. The entire package also includes a premium one-on-one training, free lifetime updates as well as other high quality content.