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How To Paint A Bobcat

This painting project was on a 753 Bobcat however the same principles will apply to just about any piece of heavy equipment. However, the colors and codes that are provided, are for Bobcat only.

This "How To" will go over the basics of painting a Bobcat 753, although these steps and processes will vary, as not all Bobcats are the same. It will depend on the year and model you have. 

You will be provided the steps to clean and prep the machine for sanding and then the prep for painting. How to get paint in places that are not actually seen. I used an automotive acrylic enamel with a hardener due to cost and longevity. Purchasing paint from a Bobcat dealership is very expensive plus it is a slow drying basic enamel. Using an activated automotive acrylic enamel is not only cheaper, you get a better look and because of the hardener, it makes it far more oil, grease and fuel resistant.  

Click the button below to see the full page on how to paint a Bobcat. The steps needed to prep and paint it are included. I have also included the paint codes and a full list of tools, materials and where to get the Bobcat decals. 

How To Video...

The title of my Video, “How to paint a Bobcat” may be a little misleading since trying to include how to de-grease, wash, sand and prep a machine like a Bobcat for painting would have taken a large amount of time. 

Normally I try to hold the camera and work or setup a tripod but this situation just wouldn't accommodate recording the process. The video is to show you results you can get following the steps I list. 

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