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Do you want to learn the SECRETS of auto body and paint in 2 hours or less?

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Learn Automotive Spray Painting and Repair Fast and Easy!

Signup today and get FREE, my personal written book, "Auto Body Repair Guide and Tips." Learn many tricks of the trades used by myself and other professionals

Discover "How To Paint A Car." Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Auto Body and Paint Repair. Start turning out jobs like a professional. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or have some experience. This training can turn your car repairs or projects into something you would have to pay thousands to get done elsewhere…

The course also covers safety and precautions; car respray techniques; block sanding; masking; application of base coat; application of clear coat and much, much more.   You will learn systematically, showing easy and quick ways to spray paint your vehicle. Also reveals the short-cuts and the "tricks of the Trade"...

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