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​​Do you want to learn the secrets of auto body and paint in 2 hours or less?

Learn Automotive Spray Painting and Repair Fast and Easy!

Signup today and get FREE, my personal written book, "Auto Body Repair Guide and Tips." ​Learn many tricks of the trades used by myself and other professionals

Discover "How To Paint A Car."​ Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Auto Body and Paint Repair. Start turning out jobs like a professional. ​It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or have some experience. ​This training can turn your car repairs or projects into something you would have to pay thousands to get done elsewhere…

Th​e course also covers safety and precautions; car respray techniques; block sanding; masking; application of base coat; application of clear coat and much, much more.   You will learn ​​systematically, showing easy and quick ways to spray paint your vehicle. ​Also reveals the short-cuts and the "tricks of the Trade"...

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