How to Replace a 2005 Nissan Sentra Rear Bumper

This video shows some steps of getting the new bumper ready and replacing the old one. This 05 Sentra was backed into a concrete pole. It crushed the corner in and also ripping the rubber beyond repair. In the end I show where your mounting points are and talk about the ease of removing it.


First remove the top for clips. To do so, open the trunk lid and you will see all four. Place a screwdriver in the small slot on the clip and pull up. Yo may need two small flat blade screwdrivers on both sides and pull up even.

























Remove the two bottom push-in clips from the bottom of the bumper. They set evenly spaced dead center of the bumper on bottom.













You will have (4) bolts to remove, two on each side in the fenderwell area. These take a 10mm socket to remove…













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