Sound System in an Electric Car

Can You Install a Sound System in an Electric Car?

It wasn’t until the 1930’s they started putting radios in cars. At the time, this was exciting. But as music started becoming more ramped up, so did the need for sound. In the 60’s, a solution opened up for better sound. In these days, now we have electric cars. Can you install a sound system in an electric car? Continue reading

Difference Between 2k And 1k Clear

The Difference Between 2k And 1k Clear Coat

There are quite a few posts and videos on how to fix peeling clear coat. Many of this information is wrong as they suggest any old spray can clear. Whenever you want to clear something that is exposed to the outdoors, you need to know the difference between 2K and 1K clear coats. Continue reading

Low Cost Clear Coat Repair

Low Cost Clear Coat Repair

When the clear coat on your car starts to peel, flake or haze up. This kind of leaves you to a decision of what course of clear coat repair to take. There are videos of the dumbest methods of repair out there. There are also ads from body shops that want to repaint your entire car for thousands of dollars. But what if you had a low cost clear coat repair available to you? Continue reading

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