Jeep 42RLE Transmission Problems

Top Jeep 42RLE Transmission Problems & Preventative Maintenance Tips

To understand the top Jeep 42RLE transmission problems and tips, let’s look at a little history. This 4-speed auto transmission shares DNA with the sideways-mounted 42LE and was released in 2003. It was a watered-down rear-driven cousin of the 42LE with a modified bell housing and casing to allow longitudinal installation. It was initially redesigned to be used in the Jeep Liberty. Continue reading

Sound System in an Electric Car

Can You Install a Sound System in an Electric Car?

It wasn’t until the 1930’s they started putting radios in cars. At the time, this was exciting. But as music started becoming more ramped up, so did the need for sound. In the 60’s, a solution opened up for better sound. In these days, now we have electric cars. Can you install a sound system in an electric car? Continue reading

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