how long to paint a car

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Car

Being an auto body guy, I get a lot of questions. The biggest question of them all is, “How long does it take to paint a car?” This question is usually directed to a complete paint job. Of course, this is a loaded question. The length of time, is going to depend on what shape the car was in before starting the project. If it is a collision repair, that can add weeks. A rusted-out job, could be months. Continue reading

How To Wash a Car

How To Wash Your Car Properly

Are you one the few that still hand washes your car own car? Many people today, keep car washing services in business. However, many don’t realize that some of these machine type services, can be really hard on the paint. I prefer and suggest, to do it yourself. The question is, do you know “How to wash your car properly”?

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dashboard warning lights explained

Those dashboard warning lights explained on your car

Ever noticed all the Dashboard Warning Lights on your dash? Do you find yourself scratching your head wondering what they mean? The newer the vehicle, the more idiot lights they have all over the place. They used to be called “idiot lights,” meaning any idiot could understand its meaning. However, now there are so many, it makes you feel like an idiot because you can’t understand them.

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automotive primer and sealer

What is the difference between primer and sealer on a car?

What is the difference between primer and sealer in the automotive paint industry? This is a great question and could lead into a forever explanation. However, I will make it as short as I can. Primer is basically a material to make something ready for the next stage. Sealer is pretty much self-explanatory. An automotive paint sealer, is a barrier that seals in everything under it and all above it.

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how to maintain your motorcycle

How to maintain your motorcycle for this summer’s riding

Summer is here, and the peak of motorcycle riding is among us. So it's important to maintain your motorcycle for summer riding. Motorcycling can be dangerous enough as it is with all the people that do not pay attention. However, getting out on your bike, not knowing if it's in tip top shape, is just asking for it. Want to know how to maintain your motorcycle?

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