Can You Tow with a Hybrid

Can You Tow with a Hybrid Vehicle

A hybrid vehicle requires a combination of one electric motor with a gasoline engine to move a car. On some occasions the electric motor will do all the work, sometimes it’s the petrol engine that takes over, and sometimes they do the work together. The real question is, can you tow with a hybrid vehicle? Continue reading

What Causes Brake Pads To Wear Out

What Causes Brake Pads To Wear Out Fast

Does it seem like you are always having to change out your front brake pads? If so, have you wondered what causes brake pads to wear out fast? Many drivers want to blame the manufacturer of the brake bad. But in reality, it may be more human error than the equipment.

Continue reading

Expert Advice for Importing Cars Safely and Efficiently

If you’re a car enthusiast, buying a foreign car for your collection can be exciting. After all, there are plenty of gorgeous vehicles that don’t come to the US. But importing cars safely is also a serious business. If you get it wrong, you could end up paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. Continue reading

Jeep 42RLE Transmission Problems

Top Jeep 42RLE Transmission Problems & Preventative Maintenance Tips

To understand the top Jeep 42RLE transmission problems and tips, let’s look at a little history. This 4-speed auto transmission shares DNA with the sideways-mounted 42LE and was released in 2003. It was a watered-down rear-driven cousin of the 42LE with a modified bell housing and casing to allow longitudinal installation. It was initially redesigned to be used in the Jeep Liberty. Continue reading

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