prepare for winter driving

How To Winterize A Car – Prepare For Winter Driving

How To Winterize A Car – Prepare For Winter Driving

Many use the term “Winterize”, when it comes to their homes, lawnmowers, boats and swimming pools. But for something used every day such as our cars and trucks, many people don’t think about winterizing. It may seem like a crazy question, but do you know how to winterize a car and prepare for winter driving? 

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how long to paint a car

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Car

Being an auto body guy, I get a lot of questions. The biggest question of them all is, “How long does it take to paint a car?” This question is usually directed to a complete paint job. Of course, this is a loaded question. The length of time, is going to depend on what shape the car was in before starting the project. If it is a collision repair, that can add weeks. A rusted-out job, could be months. Continue reading

How To Wash a Car

How To Wash Your Car Properly

Are you one the few that still hand washes your car own car? Many people today, keep car washing services in business. However, many don’t realize that some of these machine type services, can be really hard on the paint. I prefer and suggest, to do it yourself. The question is, do you know “How to wash your car properly”?

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dashboard warning lights explained

Dashboard Lights Descriptions And Definitions

Ever noticed all the Dashboard Warning Lights on your dash? Do you find yourself scratching your head wondering what they mean? The newer the vehicle, the more idiot lights they have all over the place. They used to be called “idiot lights,” meaning any idiot could understand its meaning. However, now there are so many, it makes you feel like an idiot because you can’t understand them.

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