get your car ready for a road trip

Summer Is Here – Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip

Summer is practically here, along with those hot summer temperatures, is your car ready for a road trip? Millions plan family vacations every summer, many of those are road trips, to one degree or another.

There is nothing that ruins a great road trip more than anything, when you have car troubles. Especially while out in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention how unsafe being broke down on the side of the road is these days. Before going anywhere this summer, get your car ready for a road trip.

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How to fix peeling clear coat

Seeing a vehicle today with peeling clear coat is not too uncommon. Some single stage paints flake right off the primer. Is this because washing and waxing, too little or too much? Did the sun and weather start this delamination or is it just a bad paint job? No matter the cause, how do you fix peeling clear coat? Continue reading

Resetting The Change Oil Light

Resetting The Change Oil Light – Another One Of Those Lights

Automobiles certainly have come a long way from when they were first invented. Remember back when you used to have to keep up with your own oil changes? Now we have a maintenance indicator on our dash. Unfortunately, this leads to a search for Resetting The Change Oil Light”. However this can include the “Service Engine Soon”, or “Check Engine” light. Depends on the year make and model of your car. Continue reading


Change Your Oil Frequently

Why should you change your oil frequently? The best answer is, to keep your engine young and healthy. Your engine undergoes a lot of stress through many temperature changes. Metal and rubber react to these changes in many ways. Warping, cracks and the rubber seals really take a beating. You may get ridiculed for changing your oil every 3000 to 5000 miles. However, after 300,000 miles down the road, see who is laughing then.

There are many benefits of keeping your oil changed, with clean, fresh new oil. I say this because there are those that like to reuse their old motor oil. Never reuse old oils. For all the reasons to keep new oil in your engine, is why you don’t use old oils. Some think the life of the engine is in the changing the filter, but is  it? Continue reading

donate your car

Donating Your Car

Many of us “car enthusiast” are a bit sentimental about our cars. The thought of “Donating Your Car”, getting rid of that project car, can be down right depressing. Doesn’t matter that it has set outside rusting away for the last two decades. Think about what is left of it, and how much of it will really be the same car. That is, if you ever get the time and money to restore it, by then, the point seems kind of moot. There comes a point when you must decide, fix it or turn it into something that can do some good. Continue reading