Previous Projects

​This page is a tribute to some of my past projects I was able to collect some before, during and after shots on. Many of my jobs were so fast paced or I just got so busy, I neglected to take many pictures at all. Some of my jobs, I never took any pictures. As I find more pictures to these jobs, I will add them, So always check back. Click on any of the images to view the galleries of these projects. 

how to paint a car

2007 Honda Civic Si - Peeling Clear Coat

how to paint a 1996 mazda miata

1996 Mazda Miata Paint Restore - Plus New ​Top

how to paint a 05 honda civic

​2005 Honda Civic - Frontend Collision Repair

how to restore a 1970 plymouth dusterr

​1970 ​Plymouth ​Duster - ​Damage To Restore

how to paint a 2000 mazda miata

​2000 Mazda Miata Paint Restore - ​Rear Collision

how to fix peeling clear coat

​​2003 Honda ​Accord - ​Peeling Clear Coat Restore

how to paint ford f150

​19​89 ​​Ford ​​F150 - ​Bed Damage To  ​Complete Paint

1974 BMW 2002

​​1974 ​BMW ​2002 ​Full Paint Restore and Rust Repair

1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

​​​1949 ​Lincoln ​​C​osmopolitan - ​​Full Restore

paint a 2002 ford taurus

​​2002 ​​Ford ​​​Taurus - ​​Hood and Rear Bumper Paint

2003 mitsubishi spyder

​​​2003 Mitsubishi Spyder ​​Hood and Fender Paint

repair a fiberglass hood

International Boom Truck - Small Collision Repair

how to paint a 1971 gto

​1971 ​​​Pontiac GTO - ​​​My First Car When I Was 15

restoring a pedal car

​Other Random Jobs By RodsShop