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This page is a tribute to some of my past projects I was able to collect some before, during and after shots on. Many of my jobs were so fast paced or I just got so busy, I neglected to take many pictures at all. 

Some of my jobs, I never took any pictures. As I find more pictures to these jobs, I will add them, So always check back. Click on any of the images to view the galleries of these projects. 

2007 Honda Civic Si - Peeling Clear CoatOverall Paint Job Due To Peeling Clear CoatThis 2007 Honda Civic Si was a great little car, ran great and still tight like a new one. Unfortunately it had the typical Honda paint

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1996 Mazda Miata - Paint Restore & New TopOverall Paint Job Due To Cheap Paint Job and New Convertible Top InstallationThis 1996 Mazda Miata was a pretty good little car, it ran great but it had a few things wrong

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2005 Honda Civic - Frontend Collision RepairFrontend Repair - Paint and BlendThis 05 Honda Civic rear-ended a car in front of him, resulting in bending a lot of the front sheet-metal. The damage was severe enough to damage the radiator

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1970 Plymouth Duster - Restore and MoreTree damage turned into restoreI could actually write a novel on this car. It came to me because a tree had fallen onto the top and put some dents here and there. So I

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2000 Mazda Miata - Rear Collision Full PaintOverall Paint job Due To Paint matchingThis Miata slid on a wet road into a higher than normal concrete curb. It broke the driver's rear spindle and bent the lower control arm. The

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2003 Honda Accord - Peeling Clear CoatOverall Paint Job Due To Peeling Clear CoatIf you are familiar with Honda's, you know they make great cars but plan on getting it repainted. Honda's are renowned for peeling clear coat. Owner bought

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