Resetting Change Oil Light

maintenance-minder-light-0641It seems as time goes on, so does the age of technology to make our busy lives more simple. If you have noticed, today’s vehicles have a nice little indicator of some sort on the dashboard that lets you know when it is time to change the oil. Great, it’s awesome but some of these vehicles indicators become a mystery when it is time to turn them back off and reset them. Most car manuals include instructions on how to reset this indicator but some do not. Probably in hopes you will always bring it back to the dealer for a nice dealer price oil change.



You will find that some of these instructions will refer you to having your trip odometer in “Trip A” or “Trip B” selection. In this case, turn the key into the “On” position but not started and running. Push your trip button until you get it in “A” or “B” selection and then turn your key off, then follow the instructions.







I have provided on this page information to all makes and models to find the information you will need to reset and turn that friendly little reminder off.



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Our dashboards are full of icons that in most cases make sense but ever once in a while you will get one that isn’t really clear on what it is. Click the button below to identify all those other nice little warning lights that you may or may not know that they mean.



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