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The best place to take your car for quality work at a resonable price.

I took my 1970 Plymouth Duster to Rodney to repair damage from a tree falling on it. Rodney gave me a very reasonable price for the repairs. When he got the car in the shop he found many other problems with the car which he fixed for me. He told me that he couldn't let the car go out with those problems because it wouldn't be right so it turned into a restoration. When he was finished it looked like new.
Rodney is a person that pays attention to detail. if its
not right it will be before he is finished. So if you want high quality work at a price that won't bankrupt you call Rodney.

Larry Chadwick

I've known Rodney longer than I sometimes care to admit and consider myself accomplished at most every automotive repair I've needed to do. But, when there something I can't handle there's only one person I've trusted all those years and that's Rodney. I'll have to upload pictures later, but we're looking at everything from a 47' Willys Jeep to 64' Skylarks, Camaros, trucks, and motorcycles spanning several decades.

Robert Alley

My eleven year old car was in good shape overall but the paint looked awful. It's a Honda and it's pretty common to see them with defective paint after a few years. Rodney repainted my car so well that it looks significantly better than the factory paint did when it was new. I'm the original owner so I know what it looked like new and this looks much better. He also fixed all the little dings and other defects that occur over eleven years of driving. I'm pretty picky but the car looks amazing. He did the work for a very reasonable price too. I can't say enough good things about his work and am extremely happy with the job he did for me.

Geff Ivey

No job is too big

One of our trucks was in a fender bender accident and crack the fiberglass hood where the driver side headlight mounts. A cost of a new hood was $3000. RodsShop repaired the hood on site and was a better job than we really expected. RodsShop charge was barely a fraction of what a new hood or any other body shop would have charged and it was done under 24 hours. We only had a small window the truck could be out of service and RodsShop worked it out to where the truck was never missed from use.

BP Signs

Rodney has built many show cars for me and has fixed all my personal cars and vans, mechanically and auto body and there isn't any body that can beat the quality of work and the prices. He has helped me make some good money on show cars and antiques. He can paint anything and he has a high attention to details.

Wayne Ballinger

I was very happy with the job RodsShop did. The bumper was dented and had popped off on one side. RodsShop did the job for $150 less than anyone else but what helped me out was RodsShop worked with my schedule of going out of town and got the job done quickly. Looks just like it did when I bought the car.

Jean Vance

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