Do You Have The Right Welding Tools and Supplies?

Having the right welding tools and supplies, makes the difference between a weld job that will last, or come apart. Not to mention how much time and effort you save with the right equipment. Always use the right tools for the right job.

Shop Auto Body Tools and Supplies

Amazon actually has welding tools and supplies. View this store-front of a collection of welders, welding tools and supplies you would need. 

This is what the professionals use, plus you will see tools many DIY auto body enthusiast don't know about. Educational books are included in the collection.

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Professional Equipment

Don't be confused when thinking of professional equipment. All welding tools and supplies are professional tools. This section is for tools that are not as common for the at-home DIY car guy.

However, these can certainly be used at home if you have a large enough garage. These tools are from Northern Tools, which they sell a more commercial grade product. 

These are tools used by RodsShop.

Northern Welding Tools and Equipment

Northern Tool offers a variety of welding equipment from different brands, catering to both hobbyists and professionals. They carry MIG, stick, TIG, and engine drive welders, along with welding helmets, torches, and other essentials.

Northern Gas Cylinders

Northern Tool sells gas cylinders from various brands like Thoroughbred and Gaspony. These are industrial-grade, refillable cylinders for various welding applications. They offers empty cylinders that you can own and refill, eliminating rental fees.

Northern Cutting Torches

Northern Tool offers cutting torches under various brands, including Hobart and Firepower.  These are typically oxy-fuel torches used for cutting metal with combustible gas like acetylene and oxygen. Keep in mind that cutting torches themselves are just part of a cutting system. You'll also need regulators and gas cylinders for safe and effective use.

Beginner MIG Welding Course

Introduction course to MIG Welding and how to weld each joint type for only $19.99  Join this course to learn MIG Welding and how to operate a MIG welding machine and gas regulators. This course will introduce you to the welding industry with goal of teaching you how to MIG weld.

In addition to welding you will also learn welding machine set up and operation, shop safety, MIG welding on all joint types (bead on plate, t-joint, lap joint, butt joint, outside corner joint, tube notch joint), and lastly a bonus on how to Troubleshoot your welds.

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FreeMIG Welding Guide!

Get Helpful Hints to Basic MIG Welding. Learn how to setup and use your MIG, learn what wire, amps and speed to use.