​There is a rhyme and reason for wires to have sizes. If you have ever wired up fog lamps or a radio, you have probably done what many others do. Just grab you up some wire of a pretty color you like and go home and ​start twisting wires together. However, you must pay attention to wire size by amps.

This would be a big mistake, well unless you like fires or damaging your devices before even getting to use them. If you look at the package of wire, it will tell you the size measured in gauge. Companies are getting better about adding a little more info on their products, so some may tell you the amp range the wire is made for. ​

​Wiring up devices and circuits based on the amperage draw is very crucial. You don't want to use to thin a wire for a heavy amperage draw, this can cause fires or destroy your new device. See the chart below to match your wire size by how many amps the wire is designed to handle. Always check your devices or circuits to see what amps it operates at and match your wire accordingly.

Wire Size by Amps Table

​Wire Size gauge (Awg)

​Ampacity (amps)

































​1/0 (0)


​2/0 (00)


​3/0 (000)


​4/0 (0000)