19​89 ​​Ford ​​F150 - ​Bed Damage, Paint Restore

​Overall Paint job Due To ​wear and scratches

​Work Done By RodsShop

​My customer was always buying and trading cars and trucks. He bought this F-150 at an auction and wanted to bring the look back to life. The driver's side front of the bed had caught something that not only crushed it but rolled it in on itself. This made hammer that corner back out nearly impossible, so I cut the damaged section out and made my own patch panel to weld back in. We couldn't find a bed side for it because this was a rare model that had two gas lid doors.

​The rest of the truck has some mild dings and dents and scratches. The issue for me developed when any kind of primer I try to use on places I had cut the paint down to the original primer would react. The primers would act like paint remover and bubble up. The solutions was to get a "Waterborne" primer to act as a sealer bar​rier. I used Chromabase base-coat and Dupont 7600 clear, which is no longer available. Probably because it worked..

All of my cars in my pictures and videos are actual real customer's cars, so usually my main focus is to get the job done. However I plan to do better in the future. I have more pictures to add to this project once I find them, so please check back...

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