​International Boom Truck - ​Front Corner Collision

​painted half the hood due to broken fiberglass corner

​Work Done By RodsShop

This ​Boom Truck belonged to my neighbor, he used them in his sign business. One of his men clipped a car in front of him. The damage wasn't that bad but the hit was just right to completely break off the corner of this fiberglass hood. The section that broke off retained the headlamp assembly. I have worked fiberglass for years, so this wasn't a hard fix.

​I mounted the section back on with clamps. I ground out the cracks on the back side and all the surrounding areas to the cracks. I laid new fiberglass back in to bond it and to add addtional strength. Once that was accomplished, I repaired the surface with a little fiberglass and fillers. Primed the damaged area and sand and painted. Only half the hood needed painted, I just blended the paint to a line. No one could ever tell it was damaged.

All of my cars in my pictures and videos are actual real customer's cars, so usually my main focus is to get the job done. However I plan to do better in the future.

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