Light Bars and How to Buy the Right One

Do you want a LED light bar for your particular vehicle but don’t know where to begin? Do not stress because this piece has got you covered on Light Bars and How to Buy the Right One.

How To Buy A Good LED Light Bar

Buying a light bar can be exciting and yet overwhelming. This is so, especially if you do not know anything about this unique device. Luckily for you, inside this piece is a brief lecture on light bars. It will enable you to find the best product suitable for your particular need.

What is a LED Light Bulb?

Also called a light-emitting diode is an appliance that projects light forward whenever electricity is applied to it. They are widely popular now, and you can see them mounted on several trucks. You can also find them in a couple of vehicles, household appliances, workstations, and so on.

People love LED emergency lightbars because of their efficiency. Did you know that they can last about 50,000 hours? On the other hand, a halogen bulb would last only 5,000. It is something remarkable, isn’t it? Little wonder they are widely sought-after.

Also, light bars produce 80% efficiency while consuming little electricity. This means that your electricity bills wouldn’t be on the high side. In comparison, the more traditional bulbs produce just 20% efficiency. They also consume more electricity and are known to generate heat. I am not downplaying the conventional bulbs that are available. I am only comparing similar electronic devices.

As you continue the read, let’s give you some features to look for in a LED bar. It will enable you to make a better decision during your purchase.

How Do I Buy a Light Bar?

lights and bars and how to buy

It doesn’t matter what you require light bars for; you need to purchase a good product. Before going through with your purchase, it is essential you know some of its features. This way, the process will be more straightforward for you.

As we all know, all marketable products have their specific features. This is as well applied to light bars. The features of the product allow consumers to determine the ones best fitting for them. You can check this link for ways to perform a reliable working test. Below are the features of a LED Bar.


Some people prefer the size of a device during their purchase. And for LED bars, the size will come to play when buying yours. Keep in mind that the size of the device determines the number of bulbs. So, if you want a bigger size, you will have a larger number of bulbs. This also means that more light will illuminate from your device.

You have the option to choose smaller devices. Some LED bars are small in size but offer the same bulb options as larger LED bars. You can find these remarkable devices in different sizes.

They are available in sizes of about 4 inches to 50 inches. Yes, you thought it right; the bigger the size, the larger the price.

Row Number 

The number of rows varies. And, it all depends on your preference. Do you want the single-row option or the double row? Note that the double row option will come with more bulbs. This means that you get more beams.

The double row option is the popular choice by consumers. They are durable and efficient. Keep in mind they are more expensive compared to the single-row option. It all depends on what you want.

Water Resistance 

There are some options of LED bars that are water-resistant. Find out the device that is most suited for your need. Are you an off-road rider? If you re, water resistance is a better option for you. They do well in wet conditions and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. You can check this page for ways to install them properly. 

Beam Pattern 

The beam pattern is simply the width of the beam that the device produces. And it is what most people look out for during purchase. There are several choices that you can opt for. There’s the spot beam, the flood beam, and the combined beam.

  • The spot beam: this illuminates narrow beams. However, they reach a broader distance. They are better suited for on-road driving.
  • Flood beam: these particular beams produces a wide ray. They are most suited for off-road riding.
  • Combination beam; these particular beams are a combination of both spot beams and flood beams. These are the most expensive options.


Lightbars are efficient and are an excellent source of light. Understanding their features makes things easier during purchase. However, it is best to shop from a reputable provider. This is so as you get quality products for your convenience.