Understanding Leiebil Spania – Car Rental In Spain

You can go around Spain using a variety of transportation methods. But if your plan is to see and experience the beauty of the country, then renting a car is a much better option for you. Discover many of the reasons it is best to rent a car in Spain over any other transportation. 

Car Rental In Spain

Understanding Leiebil Spania (Car Rental In Spain)

Spain is a country in Europe that is bordered to the west by Portugal and by France as well as Andorra to the northeast. In the north, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean while in the South, it borders Morocco via the enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta and the Mediterranean Sea. The country is situated along the Iberian Peninsula and shares ocean borders with Algeria and Italy.

It also consists of two archipelagos which contain different islands. These two are the Balearic Islands consisting of Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca and Minorca. These are situated in the Mediterranean Sea. The other is the Canary Island consisting of places such as Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Palma, Gran Canaria and El Hierro).

Spain is a beautiful country to drive around for sightseeing. Its scenic landscape provides breathtaking views and scenes such as dense forests and wetlands, soaring peaks of mountain ranges, picturesque waterfalls, deep canyons, desert areas, etc. Spain seems to have it all when it comes to scenic landmarks.


The climate here ranges from temperate Atlantic regions in the north to the subtropical Mediterranean in the south. While the north of the country experiences mild winters, cool summers and all-year rainfall, the interior has hot and dry summers. The interior also experiences cold winters and snows.

Spain has one of the strongest economies in the world coming at number fourteen in the world and fourth-largest in Europe. Its major industries are agriculture, automotive, energy, science and technology, transport and tourism.

The tourism sector is one of the biggest sectors in Spain. It is no wonder then that it is one of the most visited countries in Europe and the world for tourists. Interestingly, the World Tourism Organization headquarters is situated in Madrid. The country’s location, diverse landscapes, climate, coastlines, excellent infrastructures and culture makes it easily accessible and loved. This has resulted in a booming tourist industry. You can read more on Spain here.

Renting a Car in Spain

Car Rental In Spain

Spain as a country is made up of 17 very unique regions and each of these regions is worth a visit. Whether you are in Madrid or visiting the Basque Country, Galicia and Catalonia, there are beautiful and interesting sights to behold. What better way can you experience all these than to go on a road trip with your family or friends?

For visitors to Spain, the most convenient way to get around is driving around in a car. As a visitor, you are not likely to bring a car into the country or own one so hiring a car is the best option. With a car rental in Spain, you can travel around and experience the beauty of the country much easier.

Reasons to Rent A Car

Car Rental In Spain

You can go around Spain using a variety of transportation methods. But if your plan is to see and experience the beauty of the country, then renting a car is a much better option for you. Some reasons why you should do so include:


When you have a car to drive around, you can decide so many things. You can plan your route and go at your own pace. You can also have a stopover anytime you wish and at any place. A car rental gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and at a convenient time for you. Rather than waiting for a train, bus, taxi, or plane, you can start up the vehicle when you are ready and off you go.

In addition to the above, you will be able to see more places. As you drive around the rural areas and cities, you will experience more breathtaking views and landscapes. You won’t get an opportunity to see these places if you use any other means of transportation. Also, you can carry more equipment, luggage, or any other thing you need quite easily.

Furthermore, you can rent a car in a given city and drop it off in another city entirely. You do not have to come back to the city you rented it if you do not have any more business there.

It Allows You More Time for Your Travelling

When going on a sightseeing tour, you do not want to be rushed. You want to take your time and enjoy your travel. By going in a car, you are not worried about missing the bus or train. You can relax and take your time and when you are done and ready to go, the car is waiting for you.


A rental car offers you privacy as you go around the city or country. If you are with your family and friends, you can use the time for traveling to discuss and bond together. You can spend time alone with your loved ones without anyone encroaching on your “space” or time together.

What is it Like Driving Around Spain?

Car Rental In Spain


Spain has a huge network of highways. These are known as “autovias” and they can be identified by the letter ‘A’ at the beginning of the road number. You should note that some of these roads are tolled. The tolled ones are referred to as “autopistas” and they are denoted with an ‘AP’ to indicate that they are tolled. Ensure that you have either cash or a credit card to pay when driving around, especially on the highways. However, it is advisable to always have cash at hand just in case of situations when there is an issue with the card reader. You can learn more about this here https://www.tolls.eu/spain.

There are the normal or inner roads also. These are cheaper as you do not have to pay any tolls but they are much slower due to lower speed limits. The speed limit for the motorways is 120km/h while for the normal roads, it is between 50km/h and 90km/h. You may also encounter more cars on the normal roads.


Generally, to rent a car in Spain, an individual must be at least 21 years old. People who are under 25 years old may pay additional fees. Also, some rental companies may require additional payment from people who are over 75 years old. They may request that they buy extra insurance before they can rent a car.

Traffic, Parking and Other Tips

Depending on the city, you may experience traffic in some city centers such as in Granada. There is a fee for driving during times when the traffic is high. For congested cities, parking can be quite difficult. If you will be visiting one of these cities, you should consider a stay at any hotel that provides parking. Note that hotels and cities may charge for overnight parking but public parking is usually cheaper.

If you commit any traffic offense and are pulled over by the police, you may be asked to pay a fine at the spot. Don’t be surprised by this. Just ensure that you ask for a receipt. Also, when driving in Spain, it is advisable to book a car that has GPS as this will make your journey easier and help you find your way around.

Finally, check the fuel policy that is required when checking for leiebil Spania (car rental in Spain). Some have a “Full to Empty” policy meaning that you pay ahead for fuel and you can return the car empty. Any unused fuel will not be refunded. The other type of policy is a “Full to Full”. In this case, you do not pay any charge for fuel. You simply refill or replace the fuel that you have used when returning the car.

Types of Car Rental in Spain

Car rental companies offer a variety of cars for rental so you will always find one that can suit you even if you are traveling with family. Below are some of these.

  • SUVs
  • 7-9 seaters
  • Luxury cars
  • Minivans
  • Sport cars
  • Convertibles

Popular Destinations in Spain

Spain has many beautiful places and cities and there are hundreds of sights to see and things to do. Some of the most popular places to visit include but not limited to:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Seville
  • Valencia
  • Alicante
  • Malaga
  • Costa del Sol


Spain is a beautiful country that is big on tourism. If you are visiting, you should consider renting a car to get around. Doing this allows you to see many more towns, villages and places.