All You Need to Know About Alberta Out of Province Vehicle Inspection

Learn all you need to know about Alberta out of province vehicle inspection. Alberta has high safety standards. This is why all vehicles within the province must go through inspection to ensure it meets the required standards.

Alberta Out of Province Vehicle Inspection

If you’re new to Alberta, you will have 90 days to complete this inspection. There is no technicality that excuses this. All vehicles must got through an inspection process. In this article, we will explain the process, guidelines, and exemptions of this inspection.

Inspection Process


You will need to make a request for the inspection form. Any mechanic performing the inspection will take the form from you to fill out during the inspection. You can may purchase the form from an Alberta registry closest to you. Or visit to begin this process. Make note, proof of ownership of the vehicle is a requirement. Being a new resident of Canada, filling out an import form for said vehicle is also another requirement.


Once you’ve filled out your vehicle inspection request form, you’ll need to take your vehicle for inspection. This step requires finding a trustworthy mechanic you can trust. Finding a mechanic you can trust, can be beneficial for any future repairs you may need. 

During the inspection, you may find issues like you air conditioning or exhaust needing repairs. With a trustworthy mechanic, they can make the repairs after the inspection. However, note that you would need to take another inspection after the repairs.

The inspection form never expires, and made for continuous use. Once you pass the inspection, the facility you used would forward a signed copy of the record of inspection.


Even though your vehicle may be experiencing issues, no one expects your car to be perfect. There is an advantage to Alberta out of Province vehicle inspections. They inform you of any problems you may not be aware of.

You have a 10-day grace period, to perform the necessary repairs, if you fail the inspection. Repairs require completion in the set time. If not, another full inspection will take place. 

A re-inspection is sure to add additional cost. So, it is in your best interest to perform the repairs fast. Inspections can take up to 2 hours. Looking over and inspecting every working component on a vehicle, will take time. 

Alberta Out of Province Vehicle Inspection


If you have arrived at this stage, congratulations are in order because you passed the inspection. All you need to do now is go to any agent for the Alberta registry within two weeks (14 days). The registry agent would ask for the Alberta Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate and inspection records that you were provided by the inspection facility. Be sure to have these handy. 

It is crucial that you submit this within a 14 day period from when the certificate is issued. If you default, it will be rejected, and a new inspection will need to be performed. 


There are exemptions to the Alberta out of province vehicle inspection. Below are these exemptions:

  • If it is a brand-new vehicle from another province, you may be exempted so long as there is no history of flood or any non-repairable problem. 
  • Commercial or “government-owned” vehicles also get an exemption from inspections. As long as the previous inspection issuance was done in another Canadian county. This is also dependent on the condition that it does not exceed 90 days since issuance.
  • Under the new west partnership, residents moving from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are entitled to relaxed inspection requirements. It is important to note that commercially registered vehicles would not be exempted from inspection; only private vehicles are allowed to qualify. Click here to view the full partnership agreement.

Being part of a jurisdiction in the New West Partnership. Your vehicle will need to be newer than 4 years or have an inspection in the past 90 days to qualify. Below we would explain how the exemption process takes place. 

  1. When you apply for an exemption, your registry agent moves it up to the Alberta Transportation board to be reviewed. 
  2. If your application is approved, the transportation board would issue an inspection exemption to your registry agent. 
  3. The inspection exemption would replace the out-of-province vehicle inspection certificate you would otherwise need. 


Seeing as this would be a relatively lengthy process, take your time in selecting an inspection technician. An understanding on how to handle your vehicle inspection will be easier once you have found a trustworthy mechanic. This will make reoccurring visits much easier in the future. Visit to learn more about hiring a technician.

It is always a good idea to shop around for a good mechanic. If you feel that you’re not fully trusting what a mechanic is telling you, seek out another opinion. The government doesn’t make any provision for bills incurred during an inspection. It is your responsibility to pay your bills. 


Hopefully, after reading this article you have all the information you need to begin the process of acquiring your out-of-province inspection. Unless you have a brand-new car, you would most likely need to handle some repairs. 

We feel it is necessary to stress how important it is that you carefully consider the technician handling your inspection as they might also repair your car. While you have the liberty to use another automotive repair shop for the repair, using a single technician for both inspection and repair would surely reduce your estimated cost. Even better is the fact that you could establish a healthy relationship that could pay off in the future. It is also important to know a good mechanic from a bad one.