Auto Body Tools and Supplies

Using professional grade Auto Body Tools and Supplies will only enhance the outcome of any auto body and paint project. Browse a selection of chemicals, body fillers and tools that are used for doing Auto Body Work.

  • spray paint guns
  • masking
  • abrasives
  • sanding equipment and tools
  • hand sanding tools
  • dent repair
  • metal work
  • auto body stands
  • protective gear
  • Paint booth alternative
  • detailing
  • body fillers
  • paints - primers - solvents
  • spray gun alternative
  • air compressors and accessories

Spray Paint Guns

auto body tools and supplies

There are a variety of spray guns due to many types of paint jobs and projects you may encounter. Below are some of my top pick for gravity, siphon, touch up and pressure feed spray guns. If you are not that experienced using spray guns, you will want to pay attention to cup sizes and tip sizes. A 1.4mm tip is most common and an all around great tip for doing base-coat clear coat jobs.

However you may need bigger tips for heavy primers or even doing a metal-flake job. You will also find touch up guns for doing small repairs, I have also included undercoating guns and remote sprayers. Remote sprayers are great if you are painting large vehicles or need to spray upside down.

You can learn more about using a spray gun and how to set it up, to spray the way you want. Discover it in my book, "Auto Body Repair Guide and Tips".