Car Foiling – What Is It and Why You Should Consider It

For those who have owned a vehicle for more than a few years. Know about the wear and tear that they can go through. Even more so, for everyday drivers. Factors such as weather conditions like the extreme heat and UV rays. Bad roads, and poor running conditions can all play a part in the life span of a car. Your car’s paint diminishes over time, but there is a solution, ever heard of car foiling?

What Is Car Foiling?

There is nothing worse than a car that looks worn out and broken down. It can embarrass both you and your family. In most cases, people avoid fixing the aged and weathered paint, because of the expense. However not all paint maintenance or upgrades on a vehicle need to be costly. There are a few options that you can choose. Options that will make your car look brand new, without having to break the bank.

What are we talking about? Car wrapping or car foiling of course. If you have never heard of this concept, we will go over the product and idea. When the exterior of your car is starting to fade away, which is a common occurrence on many old models. You have this less expensive option to enjoy.

Car Foiling or Wrapping

When it’s time to change the look and color of your automobile. There is no need to take it to the body shop for an overall paint job. As a popular alternative solution to painting your car. You can get your car covered in any color, and design. Including applying text, numbers, characters and images as well.

Auto Body Shops commonly charge a lot of money to get your car repainted. It can be a lengthy and complicated process that may leave you without a car for weeks. There is a quicker and less expensive alternative. This alternative can make your car look just as good as new. The alternative is car foiling, also known as wrapping in some countries.

There are two ways to go about doing this. One, the more tedious way, is to do it yourself. Which may or may not turn out well. The other would be easier and more time-efficient. Take it to a professional that offers this service. If you choose the DIY option, which probably isn’t recommended. You will need the right equipment, time, and patience. It requires a meticulous attention to detail. The process can leave ‘air bubbles’ on the surface, that you would have to work out. This is mentioned in this article:

Choosing To Get It Done

Choosing to get it done at a professional service may seem like a more expensive route. But consider that if they mess up, the cost is on them. If you mess up, you just have to keep buying car foil until you get it right. Also, it may be possible that these professionals might provide a courtesy car while they are car foiling.

Many sports car companies, including various organizations and industries use this method. They cover their company automobiles with aesthetically pleasing images. Many include text to showcase their products and services while on the road. There is no better way of promoting your business, while driving your company vehicles around town for all to see.

Provided solutions are available in a glossy or matte preference. It can make it look as good as when you first bought it off the showroom floor. Why wouldn’t you want to make your car look new again? Especially if repainting your vehicle isn’t the best solution in time or money.

car foiling

Lead – The Harmful Alternative

Did you know in some countries, for instance, Australia, car spray can paint has been banned? It’s because of the harmful effects of lead that is included in the mixture? As one of the most toxic substances in paints, can affect anyone of any age. Even more so pregnant women and children. Imagine sitting in a car all day that has been covered with lead? 

Choosing to get your car coated with a plastic vinyl coating is far less hazardous. Car foiling is usually done on top of the cars existing paintwork. Which means, even if your car paint already has harmful lead, the wrapped layer adds a level of protection for you.

Foiling is also great as a protective layer against fading from constant UV rays.

Partially Covered

You can choose to partially cover the vehicle or completely cover it. While changing the look of your car, you can also feel good and more confident about it. If you’re not sure which color or design will be best for you. Professionals such as can recommend the best solution for you, which will enhance the car even further.

You do not have to spend tons of money on getting your vehicle foiled or wrapped. Even if you choose one of the simplest colors such as matte black, or shiny glossy black. It can look stunning, even on an old car.

When it is properly done by a professional, it will not damage the paint underneath. In fact, if you are planning on selling your car at some point. It can increase the resale value of it. Helping you to get the most return on your investment, even when you sell it as a second-hand car.