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Below are list of pages with information used in automotive repairs, diagnostics, paint and body and more. This will be an ever growing page, as I will always be adding to it. Always check back if you are not seeing what you are looking for, or even better, CONTACT me and request the information you are needing. After directly sending you the info you need, I will add it to the site to help others.

Informational Pages

Automotive Acronyms and Abbreviations

The automotive world is no different than other types of business when it comes to understanding it's language. Discover the acronyms and abbreviations used to better help your diagnostics, repairs and buying parts. 

bolts by grade

Discover how to determine the grade a bolt is. Understand the strength of each bolt by its grade. View a bolts by grade torque chart.

Dashboard Lights Definitions

Dashboards on cars have more indicator lights than ever. There are so many symbols you have to keep up with. Many of these symbols don't make since. Discover what they mean by view this definition page. 

Torque Specifications for Ford 4.6L-281ci-V8

Review all the bolt and nut torque specifications for a Ford 4.6L Triton V8 engine.

Pontiac Engine Torque Specifications

Review all the bolt and nut torque specifications for all Pontiac V8 engines.

Full List of OBD Codes

DTC codes are almost a must these days for diagnosing issues to make proper repairs. Not all tools or sites provide a complete list for those rare situations. View the complete OBD DTC Codes here. 

screw to drill bit chart

It can be aggravating not knowing the correct size drill bit to use to create a pilot hole for a sheet metal screw. It also makes the job faster when you know the correct drill bit to use when you need to tap new threads. View the complete chart here. 

Vehicle Identification Number Decoder

On occasions, you will need to know where your vehicle was made or other specifics that the year make and model won't cover. Your VIN number has more information than you would think stored in it. Learn how to decode your VIN number. Plus view important VIN information about your pickup truck. 

wheel lug torque chart

It is highly important that you use a torque wrench when tightening you lug nuts. Sensors can be thrown off by tightening a wheel improperly. Often, owner's manual don't always include these specs. View and download this current wheel lug torque chart.

Wire Size by Amps

Avoid circuit damages or even fires by using the incorrect wires. Always ensure that the correct thickness of wire is being used based on how many amps a system will require. View wire size by amps chart here. 

There are time you need to cross reference a spark plug over to a different brand. Sometime cross referencing an old number can help you find a plug still in use today. View this large chart of spark plug numbers. 

Nason Mixing Ratio Chart

If you use Nason Automotive Paints, here are the mixing ratios for both topcoat paints and undercoats such as primers and sealers.